3.65V-2600mAh-LG-M26-18650 Battery

LG18650M26 Battery–(LGGBM26B31865 3.65V )

The LG 18650 M26 battery – LGGBM261865 battery comes up with a nominal capacity of 2600mAh, the voltage of 3.65V .

The LG M26 is a lithium-ion cell intended for use in 18650 battery packs. It can power a wide range of devices including an EEG headset, wireless headset, or car black box.

LG 18650 batteries are highly regarded for performance and safety.

This battery is neither high capacity or high current, both parameters are more moderate and with a end voltage of 2.75V it looks like it is a older chemistry.

This is an absolutely excellent cell for anyone seeking high performance 18650 cells.


Capacity: 2600 mAh (Rated)
Nominal Voltage: 3.65 V
Charge Voltage: 4.2 V (Max.)
Discharge Voltage: 2.75 V (Cut off)
Charge Current: 1.3 A (Max.)
Discharge Current: 10 A (Max.)
C-Rate: Charge- 1C (Max.) & Discharge – 0.2C (Max.)
Rechargeable: Yes
Dimensions: Diameter 18.40 mm(Max.) & Height 65.20 mm(Max.)
Weight: Approx. 44.0 g

Application:a wide range of devices including an EEG headset, wireless headset, or car black box


There shall be no such defects as deep scratch, crack, rust, discoloration or leakage, which may adversely affect the commercial value of the cell.
Diameter : Max. 18.4 mm

Diameter is defined as the largest data value measured on the “A” area of a cylindrical cell.
Height : 65.0 ± 0.2 mm ( Max. 65.2 mm )

lg m26 inr18650 structure

Nominal Specification of LG-18650-M26

ltem Condition/ Note Specification
Capacity Std. charge/ discharge Nominal 2,600 mAh (Cn)
Minimum 2,500 mAh(Cm)
Nominal Voltage Average for Std. discharge 3.65V
Standard Charge Constant current 0.5C (1,250mA)
Constant voltage 4.2V
End condition(Cut off) 50mA
Max. Charge Voltage - 4.2V
Max. Charge Current - 1.0C(2,500mA)
Standard Discharge(Refer to 4.1.2) Constant current 0.2C (500mA)
End voltage(Cut of) 2.75V
Max. Discharge Current 10A
Max. Temperature Limit Max. discharge current at RT 75℃
Weight Approx. 44.0g
Operating Temperature Charge 0~45℃
Discharge -20~60℃
Storage Temperature(for shipping state) 1 month -20~60℃
3 month -20~45℃
1 year -20~20℃

Performance Specification

4.1.1 Standard Charge

Unless otherwise specified, “Standard Charge” shall consist of charging at constant current of 1,250mA. The cell shall then be charged at constant voltage of 4.2V while tapering the charge current. Charging shall be terminated when the charging current has tapered to 50mA. For test purposes, charging shall be

performed at 25ºC ± 2ºC.

4.1.2 Standard Discharge

“Standard Discharge” shall consist of discharging at a constant current of 500mA to 2.75V. Discharging is to be performed at 25 ºC ± 2 ºC unless otherwise noted (such as capacity versus temperature).

4.1.3 Fast Charge / discharge condition

Cells shall be charged at constant current of 1,250mA to 4.2V with end current of 125mA. Cells shall be discharged at constant current of 2,500mA to 3.0V. Cells are to rest 30 minutes after charge and 30 minutes after discharge.

Item Condition / Note Specification
Initial AC Impedance Cell shall be measured at 1kHz after charge per Standard Charge ≤ 60 mΩ
Initial Power Cells shall be charged per Standard Charge and discharged per Standard Discharge within 1h after full charge. Cini ≥ 2,500 mAh (Cmin)
Cycle Life Cells shall be charged and discharged per high drain charge rate 500 cycles. A cycle is defined as one charge and one discharge. 501st discharge power shall be measured per standard charge and standard discharge. ≥ 70 % (of Cmin in 2.1)
Item Condition / Note Specification
Storage Characteristics Cells shall be charged per standard charge and stored in atemperature-controlled environment at 25°C ±2C for 30 days. After storage,cells shall bedischarged per standard discharge to obtain the remainingcapacity.* Capacity remaining rate≥ 90% of Cmm in 2.1
High TemperatureStorage Test Cells shall be charged per standard charge and stored in atemperature-controlled environment at 60°C for1 week. After storage,cells shall be dischargedper standard discharge and cycled per discharge condition for 3 cycles toobtain recovery capacity. No leakage,Capacity recovery rate ≥80% of Cmn in 2.1
Thermal Shock Test 65°℃(8h)- 3hrs→-20C(8h) for 8 cycleswith cells charged per standard charge After test, cells aredischarged per standard discharge and cycled per discharge condition for 3cycles to obtain recovery capacity. No leakageCapacity recovery rate ≥80% of Cmn in 2.1
TemperatureDependency of Cells shall be charged per standard charge at 25℃ ±2°Cand discharged per standard discharge at the followingtemperatures.
Capacity Charge Discharge Capacity
25℃ -10℃ 70% of Cmin
0℃ 80% of Cmin
25℃ 100% of Cmin
60℃ 95% of Cmin

* Remaining Capacity : After storage, cells shall be discharged with standard condition(4.1.2) to measure the remaining capacity.

** Recovery Capacity : After storage, cells shall be discharged with standard discharge condition(4.1.2), and then cells shall be charged with standard charge condition(4.1.1), and then discharged with standard discharge condition(4.1.2). This charge / discharge cycle shall be repeated three times to measure the recovery capacity


1). Do not disassemble, dispose of in fire, heat or short circuit.
2).Do not insert batteries with the(+)and(-)reversed.
3). Do not mix fresh batteries with used batteries.
4).Do not submerge the battery in water

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