Custom Battery Case Study for Mobile Jammer

A Story You Must Read If You Are not So Familiar With Battery Design

Before you read the story, let’s see the total amount of the first order.


yes, that’s 120,000 USD, worth reading right, let’s start the roll.

On May 5, 2014, Just around 2 pm, Our Reception Got a call from Anan and he said he wants 5000 pcs power bank but with special output, later he sent us an email


Oh You see, he doesn’t know he wants power banks or battery packs


we asked for the dimension requirement and battery input and output information



the problem now comes out, it’s 5V 12A, almost there is No PCB that carries that high current!


and what’s worse the capacity the customer calculation was also WRONG.Totally a Mess.


Second problem, the price. there is a huge gap between our price and the customer target price. he wants 10USD and our bid 35, yes it’s 35USD

See our explanation below:

PS: we bought immediately one jammer from the market and know that 5V 6A is enough to Power it On.


the customer also send us one jammer to see if we can make a battery for it, and correctly.8a

but no success, we cannot get it because of the Chinese customs.

Free Bonus: Try to contact your china supplier and ask for a sample to be sent to your battery supplier.that’s at least 10 days fast the shipping from your country.

Free Bonus 2 Lithium Battery Design Design ebook(2M,20 pages, PDF) (2M,20pags)



At this stage the customer is still not so trust on our batteries, so we bought a plastic casing from the market and made a battery sample for him, see the pic on our invoice, very ugly, isn’t it?

But it worked, and we are the only one that makes it a success on his device, see picture:

non working battery



the bargain started, the customer lifted their price to 15 dollars.


and we are negotiating on potential solutions, like cut the time or capacity

13a the second round of negotiation, 25 dollars


see the bargain

later the customer sends his Chinese agency to come and check our factory and had several bargains. and the deal finally comes.

this we started making the second round of samples, using custom design casing(mold fee paid by customer)

the second sample sent for approvement


battery packs

Datasheet  (with demo sample, not final sample)

data sheet

the deposit for the starting of the battery mass production


The Production starts:

white box for the battery packs

white box

210 cartons battery packs

batterypack carton

Airway bill


The packing listbattery packinglist

battery packinglist 2

Cooperation Process For Custom Battery Design



Please Contact us via phone or email,we will get back with custom design within 24 hours



We will try to find the best solution for your custom case with detailed Prices, Lead Time and Payment Details



We will finish the Samples in 3 days (for most of the time), and send for your evaluation



If Samples goes well, we will start the mass production,you can send QC staff when finished.



We will find the best affordable way to ship the batteries to you