3500mAh Sanyo NCR18650GA 

NCR18650GA 10A

Sanyo NCR18650GA cell is a wonderful cell with nominal capacity of 3500mAh which is one of the highest capacity cell in 18650 cells. It is famous for many electric vehicles like E-bikes because it has medium or high drain capability. 10amps of Constant Discharge can be delivered without any stress.

This is a top-in class choice in 18650 cells.


  • Positive Terminal: Flat Top
  • Nominal Capacity: 3500mAh
  • Continuous Discharge Rating (max): 10A
  • Nominal Voltage: 3.6V
  • Maximum Voltage: 4.2V
  • Discharge cut-off Voltage: 2.5V
  • Charging Time: std.270min.
  • Energy Density: 693Wh/l     224Wh/kg

APPLICATION: E-Vehicles, power banks, high performance flashlight…etc.


Shape:                    Cylindrical
Can :                       Steel
Diameter :            Max. 18.50mm(With Tube)
Height :                 Max. 65.30mm(With Tube)
Weight:                 Max.48.0g


Nominal Specification of Sanyo NCR18650 GA

Item Specifications Notes
Rated Capacity 3300mAh 0.67A discharge at 20℃
Capacity(Minimum) 3350mAh 0.67A discharge at 25℃
Capacity (Typical) 3450mAh Reference only
Nominal Voltage 3.6V 0.67A discharge
Discharging End Voltage 2.5V
Charging Curent (Std.) 1.675A
Charging Voltage 4.20±0.03V
Charging Time (Std.) 4.0hours
Contiuous Discharge Curent (Max.) 10A 0~+40°C
Internal Resistance ≤ 38mΩ AC impedance 1 kHz
Weight ≤ 49.5g
Operating Temperature Charge 10~+45°℃
Discharge -20~+60°C
Storage Conditions ≤ 1 month -20~+50°C Recoverable Capacity:80%
≤ 3 months -20~+40°C
≤ 1 year -20~+20°C

Electrical Characteristics Tests

Item Specifications Notes
Full Charge The battery is charged at a 1.675A constant current until thevoltage reaches 4.20V. The current is then reduced to keep aconstant voltage of 4.20V. The total charging time is 4.0 hoursat 25°℃.
Capacity (1) Within 1 hour after fully charging at 25°C as per item 6.1,the battery is discharged at 0.67A continuously to 2.5V at25°C.

(2)Within 1 hour after fully charging at 25°C as per item 6.1,the battery is discharged at 3.35A continuously to 2.5V at25°C.
≥ 300min.

≥ 54min.
Cycle Life After the battery has been subjected to 300 repeated chargeand discharge cycles (charged by CC-CV of 1.675A-4.20V for4.0 hours; discharged by CC of 3.35A to 2.5V at25°C), thedischarge time is measured as per ltem 6.2, (2). ≥ 38min.
Temperature Characteristics (1)Within 1 hour after fully charging at 25°℃ as per item 6.1,the battery is stored at 0°℃ for 3 hours. The discharge timeis then measured as per Item 6.2, (2) at 0°℃.

2) Within 1 hour after fully charging at 25°C as per item 6.1,the battery is stored at 60℃ for 3 hours. The dischargetime is then measured as per Item 6.2,(2) at 60°℃.
≥ 30min.

≥ 50min.
Storage at Fully Charged State After fully charging at 25°C per item 6.1, the battery is storedfor 20 days at 60°℃ After storage, the battery is held at 25°℃for 3 hours. Then, the discharge time is measured as per Item6.2,(2).

Then, the same battery is fully charged again and dischargeda second time and measured as per ltem 6.2,(2) at 25°C.
≥ 30min.

≥ 40min
Storage at Fully Discharged State After fully charging at 25°C, the battery is discharged as perltem 6.2, (2). Then,the battery is stored for 20 days at 60°C.After storage, the battery is held at 25℃C for 3 hours. Then, thedischarge time is measured as per ltem 6.2,(2) at 25°℃. ≥ 50min
Drop After fully charging at 25℃,the cell is dropped 3 times in random directions from a height og 1M onto a flat surface of concrete. No rupture, no fire


All tests shall be conducted with new batteries delivered within the last 7 days. Tests shall be pertormed at a temperature of 25±2°C and a humidity of 65±20% (the standard temperature tolerance for Class 2 and the standard humidity tolerance for Class 20, respectively, as specified by JIS Z 8703, Standard Atmospheric Conditions for Testing). The precision of the voltmeter and ammeter used in the tests shall be higher than Class 0.5 as specified by JIS C 1102-2, Special Requirements for Ammeters and Voltmeters

Discharge rate characteristics of NCR18650-GA

How to Custom 18650 Battery Pack

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  • Custom Voltage Range: 3V ~ 120V
  • Custom Discharge Current: 0.2C ~ 120C (0.01A-1000A)

  • Custom BMS: Size, Features, Communication, Cut-off, Temperature
  • Custom Battery Size: Starting 0.5mm Thickness
  • Battery Temperature from -40°C–85°C
  • Custom Connector: JST/Molex/Hirose/Anderson/TE/Amphenol  Etc


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custom lithium battery packs collection