Understanding Battery Cell Chemistry

Let our 10 years battery design experts do the leg work for you

Selecting the right Lithium-Ion Battery cell chemistry is critical to achieving the goals of a given application or even in different business. Unlike typical cell manufacturers, we have the ability to select from several different chemistries to meet your specific goals.

Maybe you are just a startup and want small MOQ that want to test your product into the market fast, Or need the highest energy density or even special size like round one to make the battery small and light. Or maybe you just put the battery there alone so weight or even size is not as critical, so you want to maximize the battery capacity so that to use as long as it possibly can.

We can do all types of custom batteries according to your requirement.

custom lithum battery pack
  • Cell Chemistry: NMC(latest NMC811), NCA or LFP

  • Size: Custom any Size
  • MOQ: MOQ 10000 for custom battery
  • Discharging Current: 0.2C-80C
  • Circle Life: 500-1000
  • Cost:  High

  • Common Models: 013050,103450, 503450,803040,606090

  • Cell Chemistry: NMC(latest NMC811), NCA or LFP

  • Size: Cubic,Rectangle
  • MOQ: MOQ 100 for custom battery

  • Discharging Current: 0.2C-20C

  • Circle Life: 500-1000

  • Cost:  Low

  • Common Types: 18650,18500,22650, 26650,32650,21700

  • Cell Chemistry: NCM or LFP

  • Size: Cubic,Rectangle
  • MOQ: MOQ 50 for custom battery

  • Discharging Current: 0.2C-40C

  • Circle Life: 2000-6000

  • Cost:  High

  • Common Types:2714891,1865133, 2770134,30135220,20100140

Battery Packs that We Make

PVC Wrapped Battery Packs

PVC wrapped 18650 battery

PVC Wrapped 18650 3S2P Battery

PVC wrapped 18650 battery pack

24V PVC Wrapped Lithium Battery

pvc wrapped lithium 18650 battery

PVC Wrapped Round 18650 Battery

pvc wrapped battery

36V PVC Wrapped 18650 Battery

PVC wrapped 18650 lithium battery

Black PVC Wrapped 18650 Battery

pvc wrapped with battery indicator

12V 18650 Battery With LED Readout

Plastic Enclosure Battery Packs

xiaoyi battery

3.6V 1000mAh Li-ion Battery Pack

plastic 18650 li-ion battery pack

3.7V 5000mAh Lithium Battery

plastic 18650 battery pack

7.4V 2000mAh Battery

plastic enclosure lifepo4 battery pack

12V Lifepo4 Lithium Battery

plastic enclosure lifepo4 26650 battery pack

36V 10Ah Li-ion Battery Pack

plastic enclosure battery

48V 7Ah Lifepo4 Battery Pack

Metal/Aluminum Enclosure Battery Packs

metal enclosure battery pack

36V 10Ah Li-ion Battery Pack

metal enclosure lithium battery pack

48V 20Ah LifePo4 Battery Pack(with Bluetooth)

72V-200AH lifepo4 battery

72V-200AH lifepo4 battery