Lithium Drone Battery Manufacturer

In recent years, in the civilian and military drone markets, the demand for drones has increased day by day.


The iteration cycle of  drone products has been significantly shortened, and the avionics systems, navigation systems, data chain systems, and power systems that match the drone system have also been developed rapidly. Among them, lithium batteries, as the main source of power for electric drones, affect the range and flight time of drone, and are the key factors that directly restrict the development and application of drones.

Why Choose Lithium Battery For Drones?

As an electric chemical power supply, polymer lithium batteries have characteristic parameters such as voltage, internal resistance, capacity, specific energy, and specific power. For two purposes, the parameters of the battery are measured and evaluated. One is to achieve the purpose of active control. For example, the voltage of the battery cell is inconsistent, which reduces the energy storage capacity of the system. If the monomer voltage of the two poles can be actively adjusted, it can have the effect of amplifying the capacity of the system. The other is for safety reasons. Because the parameters of the battery have a fixed range, if the battery parameters can be detected and the monitoring parameters are within a safe range, it can play a role in maintaining the safe state of the battery.

DNK Power is one of China’s main player of drone rechargeable battery pack products. Our main products is lithium ion polymer battery, lithium battery, Rechargeable 18650 battery and lifepo4 rechargeable batteries. The company, established in 2007, has extensive experiences of manufacturing drone lithium battery products.

Our existing customized rechargeable lithium battery products are widely used in drones of different specifications.

Our company will unswerving uphold the business principle of “Zero Torence on Quality problems, and 8 hours fast response for any problems customer meets”. With our whole-hearted commitment to provide the most competitive customized charging battery solutions to customers worldwidely,we are seeking global customers and partners to walk to the green future hand in hand.

Our existing customized rechargeable battery products are widely used in consumer electronics,communications, military, medical, financial, security and other fields.

Our Vision: Provide world-class Rechargeable battery pack for customers worldwidely
DNK Mission: to become an internationally renowned supplier of Rechargeable Lithium ion Battery.
Company values: integrity and pragmatic, responsibility