Global Ternary Lithium Battery

Earlier this year, CAAM proposed to postpone the approval of the Ministry of Industry fitted with a high energy ternary lithium-ion battery buses announcement, this agenda is the adoption of the Ministry of Industry, caused an uproar.

The move was narrowly understood to protect domestic lithium battery manufacturers, with the “hidden rules” to limit foreign companies products. Some people rejoice consequent, the other person is on the teeth, and even I myself have received physical threats anonymous messages.

In fact, many people do not fully understand our views and positions, and it’s time to make all things clear.

1, ternary lithium batteries represent an important direction of current rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. In addition to ternary lithium battery, the current market uses phosphorus Lithium iron battery, which is characterized with better safety for the domestic battery market mainstream products. There lithium titanate batteries, power characteristics, used for short-filled bus continued driving fast. However, the current bottleneck in the development of electric vehicle technology is the battery energy density is not high enough, so the relatively high energy density lithium ternary should pay more attention.

Samsung 3200mah battery cell

Cylindrical Battery Cell

Currently, ternary lithium battery energy density can reach 150 ~ 200Wh / kg, could reasonably support electric vehicle driving range 150 ~ 200km, the next ternary lithium battery energy density up to 300Wh / kg or more, which allows Electric Vehicle to go with a mileage of 350-400km. This can meet most of the applications, which is very important. In fuel cells and metal-air battery technology is mature, a significant cost reduction before ternary lithium batteries is very likely that the main power source for electric vehicles. So I not only do not exclude ternary lithium battery, and I also hope that the domestic battery manufacturers do not stick to the lithium iron phosphate batteries, and pay more attention to ternary lithium battery.

2, the security issue is the most prominent problem in the current development of China’s electric vehicles exist. First, the United States and Europe with the different characteristics of electric vehicle development policy efforts, the whole society to high technology base is relatively weak. Taking all factors together, they form rapid increase in production and safety risks of the situation. Second, due to the high level of development of electric vehicles a relatively short history, people for security problems electric vehicles deep understanding impervious. In various fuel vehicles, electric vehicles are not less safe, but we do not know enough.

I personally think that the gasoline is actually less secure fuel, but we used more than 100 years of automotive design, production, use, stockpiling gasoline, transportation, refueling and other aspects of security have been fully research and response, and therefore gasoline car safety issues have been fully protected. Likewise, security issues also need to be fully electric car research and practice.

Not only the design and manufacture of battery cells, also include the design and manufacture of the disposal of the battery pack, vehicle design and manufacturing, use of electric vehicles, charging, and even used car, there are a range of security issues need to be studied, in order to develop reliable control measures. And a lot of problems in the experiment smothering and not fully exposed, and requires a lot of long-term practice.


Prismatic Ternary Lithium Battery Cell

3, the electric bus safety issues are relatively prominent. Once upon a time Automobile Association, the League of Nations vehicle power battery spearheaded Institute of Electric Bus safety evaluation results, the battery electric bus one more, a greater chance occurrence of safety issues; Second, crew and more, leaving little passageway and safety requirements should be higher; Third, compared with the sedan, SUV, bus protection battery is weak, lower safety standards and endless joy, the need for electric bus specially formulated safety standards;

4, weak technical part of the bus companies, electric bus developed deep enough, lack of security verification. Therefore, the proposed suspension of high energy density lithium ternary bus announcement, that is not to block the foreign brands of advanced battery, domestic battery protection, but for safety. Indeed, some foreign brands ternary lithium battery has passed our relatively stringent safety standards for the cells, but the battery pack and vehicle safety standards, safety standards of the charging process also need to be developed to improve.

Moreover, the electric bus in the Application of tens of hundreds of vehicles abroad, far from enough to provide a reference for million electric bus on our application. Since the government supports the efforts, energy saving effect is obvious, easy centralized management, electric buses for China’s development priorities.

ebike battery pack 36v 15ah

Ternary Lithium Battery Pack

This is the Chinese characteristics, but also China’s advantages. I can predict that a large number of electric buses in our application, will lead the development of the world’s electric buses, electric buses in my design, manufacture, use, charging scrap and other process safety standards will become an international standard, advanced battery production and sales of foreign brands in China, should take the attitude of welcomesupport.

The reasons are:

1, the overall automotive battery technology in the development stage,technology has not yet reached a stable market competition stage. Developing countries are the world’s contribution, now needs most is mutual cooperation and promote development.

2, advanced battery production in China, technology spillover effect should be conducive to the development of battery technology.

3 adequate competition in the market, but also can promote the technological progress of domestic power battery. So, I am on a ternary lithium battery (including foreign brands) in the safety car more secure, supportive application on SUV.

Ternary lithium batteries used in the bus, but also supportive. The reason proposed to be suspended is to pay close attention to the development and implementation of appropriate safety standards.

Finally, say, we need to study and explore why security problems electric vehicles, because we have come to the forefront of the world. If we like a traditional energy vehicles as in electric vehicles are behind to catch up with the advanced countries, we would not have so many problems