Lithium-ion Batteries Out of Date? Glass batteries comes out!

At the age 94, John b. Goodenough did not change the landscape of lithium ion battery technology, instead he developed a better alternative to lithium-ion battery. Goodenough, Maria Helena Braga, Senior Associate of Corkell School and her team created a cheap, solid glass battery that is much safer than lithium. It contains 3X energy then lithium ion with the same size, which means it can add more racing miles for electric cars. What’s more importantly,the battery can charge into full capacity within minutes instead of hours.In addition, it has a longer charge and discharge life cycle.

Is it Cool?

Let’s see what happens with their design, their design uses electrolyte glass instead of liquid lithium ion. By using solid glass, new batteries doesn’t have problems like dendrites, dendrites, which usually occur in liquid electrolyte. it’s known to us all that lithium-ion battery packs have problems like short circuit,overcharge ,overdischarge problem and explosion problems, but for the new glass battery, things has changed.

let’s find Why?

Battery experts point out that to improve battery performance, you need to improve the cathodes: “The choice of cathode is the main factor determining the energy density of batteries and cathodes usually accounts for 25% of the lithium ion battery charge.” This means that cathodes can affect the performance and price of the USD / kwh equation of the tablet and building a better cathode can become a key driver for the success of the green revolution … Cathode development has many interested. This includes the improvement of the composite structure process or the original silicate layered cathode building as the basic material for the cathode assembly.” so what if you just changed the liquid to glass, it’s SOLID not liquid.

The electrolytic glass also has the potential to allow the battery to operate at zero degrees (up to about 20 degrees Celsius or minus 4 degrees Celsius). Because their use means that sodium for a cheap creator uses instead of lithium, the batteries can be made of earth-friendly materials. One day, new technology can make electric cars more often and change the way we use our gadgets. Now Goodenough and his team are looking for a suitable battery maker to create electric car tests and data storage devices.

But Let’s face the crutial truth:

Even if the new Goodenough glass battery becomes available in laborotay, it will actually start manufacturing for a long time. Historical reference, In 1980, Goodenough pioneered the cobalt-oxide cathode that forms the heart of lithium-ion batteries but it takes more than a decade for lithium-ion battery become commercialization.