New Development of  Lithium iron Phosphate Battery

China lithium iron phosphate battery industry

There are more then than 20 branches worldwide for lithium iron phosphate battery, and  Japan is at the global leader in this field.

In the United States there is A123, Johnson controls, while China‘s BYD, and Korea LG chemical,Samsung, But Japan has Hitachi, Toshiba, Japan electric, Japan Yuasa, Toyota and the merger of the Matsushita Electric industrial company Matsushita Electric energy company anddozen related enterprises.

The Development of  lithium iron phosphate battery  world widely

Not only is small manufacturers like Fisker market resistance, other major brandsof electric-car sales than expected. Statistics show the leaf 2012 eventually staying 9,819 have been sold in the United States in 2011, representing only 145 vehicles, failed to break through the 10,000unit lifepo4 battery packmark. GM electric car Chevrolet Volt Volt increased program due to excessive inventories, last year, had to stop production for 5 weeks.

Meanwhile, industryrelated companies have a direct impact. Solyn-dra solar panelmanufacturer to declare bankruptcy, and battery manufacturer A123 and EnerDel companies that have filed for bankruptcy protection. CODA electric vehicle and enterprises to cooperate with Chinese automakers have also cut on sale, the most promising luxury electric car maker Tesla has been unable to shake off losses the pastthree years.

Dongfeng and Geely‘s bid for Philippine companies, universal group successfully acquired the United States battery maker A123.

Japan Panasonic plans to close in Osaka this year Belgrade Bay lithium ion batteryfactory, and transfer production to the factory, Suzhou city, Jiangsu Province, China. World top 500 enterprisesJapan Mitsubishi Chemical independently invest $ 39 million into projects to set up Qingdao ya can, at the same time, another world‘stop 500 enterprises, Korea‘s largest energy company–GS Caltex Corporation reached an agreement with Qingdao, investing $ 50 million to build lithium-ion batterycathode materials for the project.

Status quo lithium battery enterprises in China

Due to the promotion of new energy vehicles and the lithium-ion battery Pack research,many domestic enterprises have invested big money in the production of lithium batteries, and local governments for the lithium-ion battery industry this way, car companies, traditional auto parts enterprises, non-automotive battery manufacturer,lithium battery material production enterprises have entered the field of rechargeable lithium ion battery  production. However, due to the lack of effective orders and market, many battery industrial park and the bases are shut down or half-saturation. Canada lithium battery manufacturers owned Jiangsu Yi Sida MNKE battery due to the shrinking market for a long time, in June 2011 was purchased by Concord lithium battery packpower, but after 1.5 years, Concord power and was forced to stop production.

Tianjin industrial park, main peak battery lithium battery enterprises, dynamic industries, Tianjin Lishen and gateway 3 battery manufacturers. Bak battery production base in Tianjin, is used in the production of automotive power lithium-ion battery, but since its production, only part of the electric bike with lithium batteries and batteries for electric tools, car battery is not mass production, gateway the status of power industry with peak battery case. Beijing United, Jinzhou Hua Jia, while Shandong, Shenzhen Tong in connection with more than 30 companies, such as lithium batteries and Shenzhen enterprises to stop production or production status.

Recommendations on lithium industry in China and prospect

As demand for lithium-ion batteries and production power in China, many domestic battery enterprises, but seldom reach a certain scale, cohabitation is very seriousin the industry, technology is relatively backward. At present international lithium battery enterprisesloss has become the norm. The main reason is the downstream application market have not yet been started. Currently lithium battery electric bike industry’s market penetration is only 3%; another piece of the biggest potentialmarkets, 2011 just 5,579 vehicles a year for pure electric vehicles, insufficient power lithium battery manufacturers also benefit.

In addition, due to the battery industry lack of binding national standards, is one of the root disorder battery development. Quite a few battery manufacturers lack ofattention to safety, production levels and international giants there is a large gap,as well as cost factors restricting the development of China‘s battery industry.

At this stage, the power battery businesses should continue to strengthen technological innovation, Governments continue to subsidize and promote Li-finance business, promoting new energy vehicles for individuals to buy, increasing the market share. Lithium battery enterprises in their efforts to improve the quality and safety of domestic lithium battery products to make lithium-ion batteries widely used in the fields of new energy vehicles.