India Factory of Lithium Polymer Battery

Adit Infratel said that the parent company is a major market participants and mobile equipment accessories distributor, Later Today India announced the first and the only production of lithium polymer battery Plant.This new manufacturing plant, with investment more than 25 million euros is a branch of the company in India

lithium battery pack

lithium battery pack

What about the government says?

The government of India wants to stimulate local production, reduce dependence on imports, and this will help a huge economic impact on the country through the creation of new jobs.

Existing technology is distributed in 10 million square feet, an installed capacity of mobile phone batteries and chargers 20 million 60 million jour.avec open manesar comprehensive manufacturing ability of the installation, including other units in the Adit Infratel parwanoo, HP will be 25 million in 95 million mobile phone batteries, mobile phone batteries and chargers every 4 000.

The company is produced. With this new installation in place, the company aims to create more revenue.335 billion euros from the use of its major OEM brands in the next four years.

made in india

Vikram Kalia, director of sales and marketing, said Adit Infratel , is one of the most important OEM and ODM Indian mobile battery supplier for us to provide the necessary power dominant.nous is to become a player in the most important OEM and GDI Indian mobile battery movement for us to provide the necessary power to become a major player.

The manager of the company Pankaj, and promoter, Adit Infratel PVT. Ltd., said,This is our vision, really good factories that can help domestic manufacturers of mobile phone battery standard mondiales.avec establish this unit, we can say, we are prepared to meet the demand of the international market, eager to from amarrer.certains between them have been discussed in the stage 1.

Will All Batteries made in India?

Founded in 1991, as a distributor of the battery in India and Adit Infratel Gurgaon, said to be one of the most important cell phone battery pack manufacturers, leading the India.

Brands include the advent of muven, E (luxury brand of electronic retail sites), I Bak Adit Infratel and bank, to provide a range of accessories, including Bluetooth mobile phones, power banks and so on.

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