New Lithium Battery Was Developed In Japan

A few days ago, Japan Tohoku University metallic material Research Institute Corporation and Hitachi have successfully developed a new type of lithium-ion battery technology. The new lithium battery technologies may expand the scope of application of heat-resistant lithium-ion batteries, not required Use cooling system lithium-ion battery system, and thus future may be designed as a compact battery systems, reduce the total cost of production.

Conventional lithium-ion batteries, including separators, the positive electrode anda negative electrode layer, organic electrolyte in the battery, in the process of charging and discharging lithium-ion between two electrode layers for conductive. Conventional organic electrolyte for lithium battery heat problems, because of the volatile organic electrolyte, operating temperature limit at 60 or so, therefore, if there is no cooling system, traditional lithium-ion batteries cannot be used in a high temperature environment.

To apply high temperature environment, you need to develop fixed solid electrolyte. However, the solid electrolyte of lithium ion conductivity of organic electrolyte islow, thus the all-solid-state lithium battery pack internal resistance must be reduced in order to commercially. Japan Tohoku University metallic material Research Institute to study the novel solid state electrolyte, confirmed from ambient to 150 ° c high temperature environment, the new solid state electrolytes have high electrical conductivity.