New Energy Vehicles Battery Solution

New Energy Vehicles Power Battery

Lead-Acid Battery

Lead-acid battery as a more mature technology, because of its lower cost, but also high rate discharge is still the only electric vehicle batteries for mass production. By a great number of battery pack assembleexperts, the economical electric cars has a big market space.

Lead-acid batteries than energy, power and energy density is very low, as a power source of electric vehicles is not possible to have a good speed and range, can be used as a low budget electric vehicle power supply.

Nimh Batteries

Although performance better than that of lead-acid battery, containing heavy metals, using the abandoned after dye can cause to the environment. Nimh batteries from government, many experts also believe that it belongs to the transitional power battery.

12v lithium battery pack forCurrently, Toyota and Honda’s hybrid cars use power battery to start from the nimh battery to lithium battery.

Lithium Battery

Conventional lead-acid batteries, nickel cadmium battery and nickel metal hydride battery itself technology more mature, they use as power battery, however, there is a big problem in the car. At present, more and more manufacturers choose to adopt the Rechargeable lithium battery as a power battery of new energy vehicles.

At present, the bottleneck for the further development of power lithium ion battery is: safety performance and auto power battery management system.

Lithium iron phosphate battery as a kind of lithium battery, the specific energy is less than half of the cobalt acid lithium batteries, but its high safety, cycle number can reach 2000 times, stable 46discharge, cheaper price, as a new choice vehicle dynamics.

Fuel Cell

Fuel cell is a kind of will exist in the chemical energy of the fuel and oxidant directly into electrical energy power generation device. The fuel and air were sent to the fuel cell, electric was wonderfully produced. It viewed from the outside is the cathode and the electrolyte such as a battery, it cannot “storage” in essence it is a “power plants”.

At present, the fuel cell temperature is very high, but industry experts believe that as a power battery, large-scale promotion may also need to 18 years to 20 years.

It is reported, saic invested billions of yuan in fuel cells, said won’t give up. They suggest the country strategy of fuel cell vehicles as a new energy vehicles, maintain strategic progressive.

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