The Lithium Battery War 2

Ternary lithium battery full name “ternary lithium polymer battery, the correct pole material using nickel cobalt manganese acid lithium ternary cathode material of lithium battery. Widely used in new energy vehicles, it is the ternary lithium battery and a different kind of lithium iron phosphate batteries.

What is The Truth

In fact, the two batteries one which is more suitable for new energy vehicles, over the years has been the industry in the subject of debate. According to public information, compared with theprismatic4 ternary lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate battery size bigger, higher cost and low energy density, which means that the cost of new energy vehicles using the battery will be higher, range and more short. Before, China’s new energy automobile production widely used lithium iron phosphate batteries, but represented by tesla’s new energy vehicles abroad for ternary lithium battery in the market, more and more attention, a lot of new energy vehicles domestic enterprises began to use ternary lithium battery models.

Industry research institutions have predicted in 2016, is considered to be the ternary lithium battery high-speed development important year, ternary lithium battery market share will reach 50%. Ternary lithium battery controversial point is the stability of the material as the lithium iron phosphate batteries. Ternary lithium materials will occur at about 200 ℃ decomposition, and chemical reaction of the ternary lithium materials is more severe. And lithium iron phosphate can decompose during 700 ~ 800 ℃, not like a ternary lithium material release oxygen, burning less intense. As a result, the ternary lithium battery at a higher risk of spontaneous combustion on. It is for security reason, the ministry has suspended subsidies on ternary lithium batteries. Also has the industry analysis, in addition to security concerns, the ministry’s move is also likely to exist in the new energy automotive industry “expenses”.

Industry insiders say a battery, battery products not only need safety standards, and that the standard should be more detailed, to delimit different grade products, enjoy different treatment. 124574“As long as it is passed, there is no difference between 60 points and 99 points, and it is not reasonable.”

What About the Reporters Say

Several reporters batteries people agree that a little, that is the national related department for security reasons, this itself is a kind of scientific and responsible attitude. But this survey should be the faster, the better, drag too long can make the industry difficult. However, some of them told reporters, although things have happened more than a month, but until now also not received notification from the survey.

“Electric cars have to worry about is very normal in the initial period of development, hope that through this thing has a scientific decision-making process or engineering validation method.” Engaged in research and development of new energy vehicles “temple founder NieLiang think science and technology, the suspended ternary material application in the field of passenger car batteries, not only delay the development opportunity, will scare away a lot of original ready to enter the industry investment, which may cause the gap between China and international best manufacturers more and more big.