Why Choose Li-ion Battery Pack for Miner Lamp

Why don’t we use Lead-acid battery for Miner’s lamp

Most of China’s coal production companies have used lead-acid batteries as a miner’s lamp power supply, in the long-term use of this kind of Miner’s lamp, it has significant deficiencies :
(1) large lamp size, heavy weight, will increase the burden on underground workers;
(2) lamp in the use and maintenance of leakprone, internal corrosion will  cause spills and personal injury accidents;
lithium battery pack
12V 20000mAh lithium battery pack
(3) extensive use of lead and antimony in lead-acid batteries, heavy metals, causing serious pollution to the environment, at present the European Union and the United States has restricted the production of lead-acid batteries;
(4) the short cycle life, makes the storage and maintenance more complex.

In recent years, much new power emerging, nickel-hydrogen batteries, lithium-ion battery Pack has been used in a variety of portable consumer electronics, with the development of lithium-ion battery technology, the application field of lithium-ion batteries from phones, MP3, Bluetooth headsets and other small power extends to power tools, electric bicycle, HEV/EV power supply, such as large power systems. Lithium-ion battery in the above application areas shows high energy density, long cycle life characteristics, power lead-acid, nickel-hydrogen battery performance has greatly improved.

Lithium-ion batteries are widely used in miner’s lamp 

Based on the foregoing analysis, believe that lithium-ion batteries used in miner’s lamp areas should pay attention to the following aspects:
(1) select high safety, the good thermal stability of cathode materials
Miner’s lamp from lithium-ion batteries in accident analysis found that most of the battery and ternary material as cathode material for lithium cobalt oxide. These two materials in the lower capacity cell phone battery can meet safety requirements, but easy
The increase might not be able to meet the stringent safety requirements. In high-risk areas should be the case at present high-security performance, the strong thermal stability of lithium iron phosphate material.
(2) choose a reasonable structure design and production technology
Current lithium-ion battery safety incidents is an important cause of internal short circuit of the battery thermal runaway, internal short circuit usually consists of particles in the film production, poor ratio of positive and negative, adverse factors such as production process control. Therefore needed in structural design of cell to cell group structure, lug leads way into full consideration, reduced risk of internal short circuit and. Lithium ion battery in load electric State Xia, from cathode material in the off embedded out of lithium ion embedded to negative material in the and negative of carbon material combined into lithium carbon compounds, the compounds reaction activity is high, dang battery by extrusion, and acupuncture or appeared internal short-circuit Shi, plus or minus very occurred contact, due to plus or minus very material pressure poor high, blue cell 18650 battery
Battery cell for LED Light
plus or minus very contact will quickly reaction and released large of heat, caused battery hot runaway even fire, and explosion, extreme situation appeared. How to improving the thermal stability of cathode materials to improve the safety of lithium-ion batteries, a key used at the cathode surface coated with heat-resistant material, anode surface coating treatment can improve the stability of cathode, reducing negative contact area to reduce the heat generation, battery heat control within a certain range.

(3) optimizing the overall power structure design and protecting circuit board design of Miner’s lamp using the environment than the average power usage environment is more complex, extreme, long-term working under high temperature and high humidity, and is subject to strong shock, drop, may, therefore high demands on the power structure. Structure sealing strong, waterproof, dust-proof, shell materials of the high melting point, high thermal stability, and overall structure is solid and reliable power, increase the buffer between the core and shell, increase the impact resistance of the power supply and falling capacity. The internal battery and the protection circuit can be effective protection of the shell, use environment avoiding damage to the batteries.

Due to the characteristics of the lithium-ion battery itself, its overcharge and short circuit situations prone to thermal runaway, so protection circuits for the miner’s lamp battery safetycritical, current lithium batteries

Manufacturers attach great importance to the protection of circuit board design and development. Due to li ion battery pack itself work voltage platform high, Miner’s lamp with lithium ion battery without more section battery series using, so protection circuit relative Yu electric tool or electric bike simplified many, coupled with phone battery protection circuit technology after years of development has very mature, so miner’s lamp with lithium ion battery protection circuit design Shang more need note of is electronic components of reliability filter and the circuit board detection, ensure each miner’s lamp power equipped with of protection circuit board performance stable reliable. Protection circuit board design and test power environment you need to take full account of Miner’s lamp, with increased reliability test under high temperature and high humidity conditions.

From the analysis, we can see that, although the application field of lithium-ion batteries in the miner’s lamp power is still in the initial stage, exposed a number of problems. But from the perspective of overall development of Miner’s lamp, lithium-ion batteries because of its high energy density, long cycle life will be marked by a new generation of the preferred power supply for the lamp. In the lithium-ion battery manufacturers attention and effort, with all kinds of security problems solved, lithium-ion batteries in miner’s lamp power is more and more widely used in the field.