Li-ion Battery Pack Balance – What You Need to Know

Recent years, more and more electric products have adopted lithium-ion battery packs as the main power supply. Nevertheless, cell inconsistencies still exist. That is, states of cells in a pack can not absolutely be the same.

When charging and discharging lithium-ion battery packs, we can take balanced measures to ensure safety and stability if we take into account the inconsistencies of each single cell.Battery balancing is a technology that extends battery life by maximizing the capacity of a battery pack with multiple batteries in series, ensuring that all its energy is available for use.

This article mainly analyzes the meaning, main technology and other related questions of balanced processing.  Read on and make your own mind up


  • 1. What is the meaning of lithium ions battery balance?
    The implication for battery
    The implication for safety

  • 2. What process can achieve battery balance?

Types of Battery Balance Technology
Disadvantages of active balance and passive balance

  • 3. Four Forms of Active Balancing

Single cell to single cell
Single battery to battery pack
Battery pack to single battery

  • 4. Resistance Consumption Balance Method-passive balancing method
    Active cell balance circuits
  • 5. Precautions of Battery Balance
    Active cell balance circuits
  • 6. Q&A
    1.What is cell inconsistency?
    2.What causes cell inconsistency?
    3.What does battery balancing do?
    4.Is battery balancing necessary?
    5.Is battery balancing the same as battery charging?