All Things You Need to Know about Lithium Scooter Battery

Electric scooter or E-scooter is new product form of skateboarding after traditional skateboarding. Electric scooters are very energy-saving, environmentally friendly and pollution-free, fast charging and long range. The whole vehicle has beautiful appearance, easy operation, and safer driving. It is definitely a very suitable choice for friends who like life, travel, leisure and entertainment, and add more fun to life.

  • E-scooter is the Best
  • Alternate Mode of Transportation
  • E-scooter is Portability
  • E-scooter is Easy to Maintain
  • E-scooter is Fun and Enjoyment
  • E-scooter is the Time Saver

The above are the five advantages of electric scooters, and people will also buy electric scooters because of these advantages.

So What Should We Know in Advance before Buying?


First, understand the average distance you go out every day. Then, choose an electric scooter with a range of at least 5 to 10 miles more than your average daily trip. This will provide you with some leeway in case you need it in a rainy day.

If you only need to travel a few miles a day, then a standard electric scooter is enough. However, if you often travel 20 miles or more, then a remote electric scooter will be a good choice.

Whether it is commuting to work or traveling on weekends, the distance traveled is a more important factor to consider. Of course, one advantage of electric skateboards is that they can also be used as ordinary skateboards when there is no electricity.


Electric skateboards are currently one of the lightest travel tools in the world, but the weight of any electric skateboard is different. 4-7 kg is the most suitable range to carry.


The motor is the core of the electric skateboard. The good and stable motor performance and the output power of the motor can provide a very reliable and excellent driving experience. The larger the size and power of the motor, the better the speed, load-bearing capacity, and climbing ability, but the heavier it is. The smaller size and power of the motor can further reduce the weight of the skateboard and improve the carrying capacity at a moderate driving capacity.


The prices of electric skateboards vary, but the cost of high-quality electric skateboards will be very high, including the board, battery, control board, motor, etc. , which are not comparable to ordinary scooters. At the same time, the electric skateboard achieves high speed and battery life under the limited space and weight, which is inseparable from the very complex and exquisite assembly and production process. Therefore, the cost of an excellent electric skateboard is very high.


There is no doubt that electric skateboards driven by dual-drive motors will perform better than single-drive skateboards in all aspects.

The two motors can evenly share the power output during driving, which can greatly reduce the load on a single motor and improve the performance and life of the motor. At the same time, the dual-drive skateboard will not have the deviation phenomenon that often occurs with single-drive skateboards in the driving experience. The dual-drive skateboard also perfectly surpasses the single-drive skateboard in turning and braking. Of course, dual-drive skateboards, if you have a problem with any motor during driving, the other motor will ensure normal driving. For single-drive skateboards, if there is any problem with the motor, it is unimaginable.


The battery is the most critical determinant of the range of electric scooters, so special attention must be paid when choosing. When evaluating the battery of a potentially purchased scooter, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Battery capacity

A key consideration when choosing a remote electric scooter is battery capacity. This is measured in watt-hours (Wh), and it will tell you how much energy the battery can store and how long the scooter can run on a single charge. In most cases, higher-capacity batteries will provide greater range.

For example, a battery with an energy capacity of 1008Wh can usually provide you with a range of 20 miles to 30 miles, while a battery with a capacity of 541Wh and below can usually provide you with a range of less than 20 miles.

Cell Type

21700 LITHIUM CELL or 18650 LITHIUM CELL? This is a question for you. Both of them are lithium battery which are the most popular and they offer a good balance of energy density, weight and price.

Compare with 21700 battery, 18650 cells are smaller, more portable and cheaper. However, the energy density of 18650 lithium battery is less than that of 21700 lithium battery which means the battery pack of 18650 can offer less energy so that e-scooter with 18650 battery pack can offer less distance to you. You can choose battery type according to your real demand.


Any battery-powered device is only as good as the battery that powers it. When choosing a battery for your electric scooter, you may be tempted to save money by opting for a generic brand. However, this is usually a mistake. Generic batteries are often lower in quality, may not last as long as brand-name batteries, and may not be covered by a warranty or guarantee. Additionally, generic batteries may not offer the same level of performance as brand-name batteries.

On the other hand, brand batteries may cost more upfront but are typically more reliable and longer-lasting than generic batteries. This means you won’t have to replace them as often, saving you money in the long run. Additionally, brand-name batteries usually come with warranties or guarantees, giving you peace of mind in knowing that you can get a replacement if something goes wrong. Finally, brand-name batteries typically have higher performance levels, meaning that your electric scooter will run more smoothly and efficiently without hiccups.

Charging Time

The larger the battery capacity, the longer the charging time. As we mentioned above, larger capacity can provide longer driving distance.

Above are all things you need to consider. Battery as the heart of E-scooter, some people maybe do not understand it. Here are some answers to solve your QUESTIONS.

Are scooter lithium batteries safe?

Yes, of course. As we all known that, lithium batteries are famous for their great performance. It is safe under normal circumstances. The lithium battery itself is not so dangerous, because the lithium battery protection system is installed in the lithium battery. It should be noted that when we use lithium batteries, we must avoid accidents such as high temperature and violent impact. The use of lithium batteries for electric scooters will give full play to the performance of lithium batteries, and there will be no danger if the batteries are maintained well.

Can i use a lithium battery in my scooter?

Yes, you can. Lithium batteries have a series of advantages such as high storage energy density (6-7 times that of lead-acid batteries), long service life, high rated voltage, strong adaptability to high and low temperatures, and green environmental protection. The most important thing is that the self-discharge rate is very low, which is one of the most prominent advantages of lithium batteries. Therefore, when buying electric scooters, electric scooters equipped with lithium batteries are a good choice.

How long do lithium batteries last in a scooter?

A e-scooter battery will typically last between 2 and 5 years or reach its charge and discharge cycles. Some lithium-ion battery in an electric scooter has a life expectancy of 300-500 cycles before losing capacity. But the best quality batteries can reach up to 1000 cycles. After a few hundred charge cycles, the battery performance will slowly start to degrade.

A full charge cycle would mean charging the battery from 0 to 100%, but that will rarely happen.

Roughly speaking, 300 to 500 full charge cycles are almost like 600 to 1000 charges from half to full. So, for example, if you charge your scooter every day, the battery will last you between 1 and 2 years. But based on my experience, you will probably not ride your scooter every single day. Charging it once every 2 or 3 days is a much better estimate for most people. That means your battery will probably last at least 2 years, and possibly even up to 5 years!

What is the best battery for a scooter?

Of course lithium battery.

  • high storage energy density (6-7 times that of lead-acid batteries),
  • long service life
  • high rated voltage,
  • strong adaptability to high
  • low temperatures
  • Environmental friendly
  • low self-discharge rate

How to take care of your lithium ion scooter battery?

  • The charging time of electric scooters is controlled at 4-12 hours, and the charging time in summer should not be too long. Under normal circumstances, the battery is charged at night, and the average charging time is about eight hours. If it is lightly discharged (the mileage is very short after charging), the battery will be fully charged soon. If charging continues in this case, the lithium battery will be overcharged, causing the battery to lose water, heat and other phenomena. This will reduce battery life. Therefore, it is best to charge the battery once when the discharge depth is 60%-70% to avoid harmful charging.
  • If you want to keep the battery for a long time, you need to fully charge the battery first, and then replenish it once a month. The battery is used as the power source of the electric scooter. Do not store the electric scooter in the case of power loss. The so-called power loss is that it is not charged in time after use. When many users are on a business trip, no one rides the electric scooter at home. If the lithium battery has been in a state of power loss, the longer it is placed, the more serious the battery damage will be.
  • Do not discharge a lot of electric scooters. Discharge does not refer to deliberate human discharge, but a large amount of discharge during incorrect use. Pay attention to when starting, carrying people, and going uphill, borrow your feet, pedal lightly, and use a little force to avoid a lot of electric scooter discharges.
  • Use a matching charger when charging.
  • Place the battery in a cool and ventilated place.
  • Avoid high temperature and humid environments.
  • Do not let water into the charger to prevent electric shock accidents.
  • Avoid water flowing into the body charging socket and avoid short circuit of the body circuit.In addition, avoid flushing the motor with water to prevent the motor from entering water, causing the electric vehicle motor to malfunction.After cleaning, put it in a ventilated place.
  • Prevent exposure to the sun.The temperature is higher in summer, and exposure to high temperature environments will increase the internal pressure of the battery and cause the battery to lose water, causing the battery activity to decrease and accelerating the aging of the plate.