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We LOVE The Dedicated, Driven, And Passionate tech Writers to share their battery knowledge with our customers.

As a contributing writer for, you will motivate and educate other engineers, DIY starter etc to find the best battery information out there. Our writers give our readers engaging content that is factual and trustworthy.

Interested In Contributing?
Please email Include writing samples and list some ideas that you want to share with our readers. . If you catch our eye, we will reach out as soon as possible.

Contributing Content Guidelines
#1 We only accept writers who can provide high-quality, relevant, original content with little to no direction. we understand that you want SEO links. we only accept for Bio links.

#2 Recommended word count:1000+ Words (prefer 1,500+)

# 3 We reserve the right to tweak and edit the content for readers’ purposes and content clarity.

#4  Include links provided if they are relevant and high quality.

# 5 Just because you submit a post does not mean we will publish it. We will let you know once it is published and approved.

# 6 No repost on your post once published on, we retain rights to that content. once found, we will delete the article, and no argument on this.