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  • 3.7V 150mah lipo battery cell

3.7v 150mAh Lipo Battery Cell

  • More than 15 models of 150mah lipo battery with different size
  • Lithium Polymer Battery life cycle up to 500 life cycles
  • The Most Safety design lithium polymer tech
  • Custom Shape/Size available low set up fee
  • Custom Cable connector/Wire available
  • MOQ 50 pcs is OK with us
  • LG, Samsung, Sony, ATL cell in stock for your selection

3.7V Lipo 150 mAh battery Cell

Type: 3.7v 150mAh
Voltage(V): 3.7V
Nominal capacity(mAh):150 mAh
Standard charge current: 0.5 A
Max discharge current: 1 A
Charge temperature(℃): 0~55℃
Discharge temperature(℃): -20~65 ℃
Storage temperature(℃): -20~45 ℃
Dimension(mm): 2.7 (T) x 20(W) x 31(H)
Weight: 10g
Life time:500 cycles

lipo battery, short for lithium-ion polymer battery, is also known as liPoly battery or lipol battery. Its nominal voltage is 3.7V and max voltage 4.2V. It can also be made with 3.8v or 3.85v, and max voltage 4.3V or 4.35V respectively.

This page contains just some of our 500mAh battery types. You can contact us for other new types that we may not update in time for this webpage. In addition, We also have other capacities, smaller capacities like 100mah, 200mah, higher capacity like 1000mAh, 1500mAh, 3000mAh.

We are always happy to send you our full list from 10mah to 10000mAh list.

Mostly, all of our lipo battery batteries are pre-equipped with JST/XH/PH 2P 3P 4P connector. We also ship with bare wire, just name it.

Mostly, our lipo batteries would include protection circuit board (PCM or PCB for short) that help protect the lipo cell. The PCM would control the battery voltage from going too high (over-charging) or low (over-use) which means that the battery will cut-out when completely dead at 3.0V. It will also protect against output shorts.

Some of our customers would require NTC for the battery, so 3P or 4P connector is also choice for you.

In short: you name it, we make it.

1 I want to custom lipo battery cell, can you make it?
We are Lithium Polymer Battery Cell Manufacturer for 7 years, so if you have any request on Lipo battery cell or lipo battery pack, simply Drop us an inquiry.

2 How Soon can I get samples, and how much will you charge it, will you refund?
We make samples in about 3-12 days, depending if we have them in stock, no extra markup on samples, and will refund on mass production.

3 What’s your warranty? When does it start?
All of our products have a one-year limited warranty, start from the shipping date.

4 Does all the cell listed here have stock?
We will check our stock status for you, simply drop an email.

5 Tell me about your LG, Samsung, Sony Cells, quite interested in them, are they brand new or recycled cells?
Being in lipo battery industry for so many years, we have rich channels for those Korea or Japanese cells, all of them are brand new, just ask for stock status.

6 How about your lead time, and especially when can I get the bulk order after I send payment?
Lead Time for samples is about 3-10 days and bulk order around 12-25 days depending on the order quantity and our order on schedule.

7 How about the MOQ?
Mostly we don’t have MOQ. Especially for the samples. For any Custom battery, our MOQ 100.

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    3.7v 150mAh Lipo Battery Cell List

    Model Thickness
    Min Voltage
    Max Voltage
    272031 2.7 20 31 3.7 4.2 150mAh
    302424 3 24 24 3.7 4.2 150mAh
    332029 3.3 20 29 3.7 4.2 150mAh
    501229 5 12 29 3.7 4.2 150mAh
    501240 5 12 40 3.7 4.2 150mAh
    552020 5.5 20 20 3.7 4.2 150mAh
    651723 6.5 17 23 3.7 4.2 150mAh
    701527 7 15 27 3.7 4.2 150mAh
    701528 7 15 28 3.7 4.2 150mAh
    751520 7.5 15 20 3.7 4.2 150mAh
    751720 7.5 17 20 3.7 4.2 150mAh
    801819 8 18 19 3.7 4.2 150mAh
    851719 8.5 17 19 3.7 4.2 150mAh
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    3.7V 150mAh lipo battery