3.7V 2370mAh Molicel ICR18650J Battery

Molicel ICR18650J

The Molicel ICR18650J cell comes up with a typical capacity of 2370mAh, the nominal voltage of 3.7V.  This is an absolutely excellent cell for anyone seeking high performance prismatic cells.


Typical Capacity: 2370mAh
Minimum Capacity: 2300mAh
Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
Standard Charge Current:1.25A
Maximum Charge Current: 1.8A
Maximum Discharge Current: 5A
Internal Resistance:80mΩ(1KHz AC)
Energy Density Volumetric: 517Wh/l
Energy Density Gravimetric: 187Wh/kg

FEATURES OF Molicel ICR18650J:

1.High Energy Density
2.Excellent Low & High Temperature Perfomance (-30°C ~ 45°C)
3.Highly Safe & Stable
4.Long Cycle Life
5.Great Long Term Storage Characteristics


Shape:                     Prismatic
Can :                         Steel
Thickness(T):       10.8mm(at shipping state)
11.0mm(after 1C 300 cycles at 23°C)
Width(W):              33.9mm
Height(H):             50.2mm
Weight:                    46.5 g (Max)

-Nominal Specification of Molicel ICR18650J-

Model ICR18650J
Capacity Typical 2300mAh
Minimum 2300mAh
Cell Voltage Nominal 3.7V
Charge 4.2V
Discharge 3.0V
Charge Current Standard 1.25A
Maximum 2.4A
Charge Time Standard 3.0hr
Discharge Current Maximun 5 A (≤ 45 °C)
4 A (≤ 60 °C)
Internal Resistance AC(1KHz) 80 mΩ (Max)
Ambient Temperature Charge 0°C to 45°C
Discharge -20°C to 60°C
Energy Density Gravimetric 187 Wh/kg
Volumetric 517 Wh/l

-Relative Curve  of Molicel ICR18650J-

Cycle Characteristics Curve of Molicel ICR18650J

Discharge Rate Characteristic Curve of of Molicel ICR18650J

Discharge Temperature Characteristics Curve of Molicel ICR18650J

Charging Characteristic Curve of Molicel ICR18650J

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  • Custom Discharge Current: 0.2C ~ 120C (0.01A-1000A)
  • Custom BMS: Size, Features, Communication, Cut-off, Temperature
  • Custom Battery Size: Starting 0.5mm Thickness
  • Battery Temperature from -40°C–85°C
  • Custom Connector: JST/Molex/Hirose/Anderson/TE/Amphenol  Etc


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custom lithium battery packs collection