Energy Storage System Lithium Battery

When talks about energy storage system, lithium battery must come to your mind immediately. Why? longer cycle life or you can say that lithium battery can keep company with you for a quite long time in a healthy state, higher energy density, more stable and excellent charge/discharge current and etc. These are just parts of features of lithium battery provided by itself, and we DNK POWER can provide accurate battery size/weight caculation, more strict quality control, best quality which will make your battery experience better and make your wallet thicker.

Battery cells are the main energy storage equipment, which can be flexibly formulated into various capacities through different series and parallel methods, and are suitable for various scenarios. At present, most of them are lithium iron phosphate batteries. As lithium batteries enter the stage of large-scale application, the development of the lithium battery energy storage industry has also received strong support from governments of various countries.The more obvious advantages of energy storage lithium iron phosphate batteries are beginning to reach the public.The total capacity of the lithium battery energy storage market is very impressive, and the potential on the user side is huge.

The following are  a part of our energy system lithium battery in stock. You can click one that you are interested in and see more specific battery parameters.