Tips on Maintenance of Lithium batteries

1. Remove the rechargeable battery case from the digital camera storage, transport, place a plastic cover attached on installation. If the battery junction short circuit will  cause the battery to leak, overheat and damage and other reasons, more dangerous.
2. Do not use the battery with the device described in this note outside connected.
3. When they find the battery discoloration, deformation or not the same as usual phenomenon, please stop using the battery. When the actual charge, when more than a predetermined charging time work can not be fully charged, please stop charging, otherwise it will cause battery leakage, heat, and damage and so on.
4. When using the battery for the first time or after standing for a long time, you must use before use fast charger.
5. When not using the battery, the battery power only after all so save.
6. For prolonged storage, charge a year back, then the battery is exhausted before all make save.
7. When not using the batteries, be sure from a digital camera or remove the battery charger. If you place a digital camera or charger, even when the power is not turned on, there will be a small amount of current generated by the discharge, resulting in reduction of the battery can not be used.
8. Please subsidiary battery with a plastic cover in a dry, well ventilated place to
save. Recommended at ambient temperature in a dry place to save about 15 ℃ ~ 25 ℃ of.12V 12Ah battery pack
Do not place in a very hot or very cold place to save.
9. It requires charging ambient temperature within a range of 0 ℃ ~ 40 ℃. If the charge
exceeds this range, it may result in reduced battery performance, failure and so on.
10. When charging is finished do not recharge. This will reduce battery life.
11. Shortly after the charging is complete or use soon, the battery will be slightly
fever phenomenon, which has no effect on battery performance.
12. Even a fully charged battery for use in colder place,
Use of time will be shortened. So you prepare a another fully charged battery.
13. Even when fully charged, the battery can only be used for a short period of time,
indicating that the battery has reached a life. Purchase a new lithium-ion rechargeable
14. If dirty battery contacts with a dry cloth to wipe it clean, before use.