Lithium-ion Battery Development in the Future

National strategic direction has shifted to strengthening the development of new energy in proportion to consumption, the Government is increasing its efforts to foster and develop new energy technology industry, and the lithium iron phosphate battery is the key for the development of new energy vehicles. Now while my battery electrode materials, battery, battery system and made significant progress in key technology areas, built a complete industrial system, formed a certain scale of markets, but the battery still cannot meet the needs of development of new energy vehicles, there are 3 major problems: energy, security, and performance. lifepo4 battery packConsidering 3 aspects, with lithium as anode lithium-ion conductors, solid electrolyte of lithium-air or lithium iron phosphate batteries is the future direction of development.

1. Energy Density

At present, electric vehicle power battery cathode material of lithium iron phosphate (LFP), the cathode Material is mainly graphite materials, its energy density is about 90 ~140Wh/kg. Expected to 2020 ebik battery pack details2-optYear-energy batteries energy 250Wh/kg, cost down to 1.0/Wh. Development of cathode materials with high capacity and high voltage as the main orientation, typicalis rich in lithium transition-metal oxides, capacity up to 250mA h/g, charging potential 4.8V high capacity Silicon is the main direction of development of the new type of anode material for lithium-ion batteries, including silicon-carbon composites, metal alloys and Silicon oxide materials.

By 2030, energy batteries energy 500Wh/kg.Develop lithium-sulfur batteries, lithium-air battery system battery cathode materials with sulphur or oxygen/carbon composite electrode catalyst materials; metallic lithium as anode material main development direction and development of surface coating materials, alloys, etc.

2. Battery Security

Improve the security and reliability of power lithium-ion battery, need to be built from materials, batteries and technical measures for security and a series of key components to the system. Security electrode material can according to micro-district temperature and the voltage changes fast close risk reaction, achieved battery monomer of reversible protection; through in diaphragm surface modified Nano oxide ceramic material development new security diaphragm material, reduced battery within short-circuit rate; battery of another major security hidden main is because using liquid organic electrolytic liquid, easy raised fire, and explosion, problem, 18650 battery celland solid electrolytic quality in avoid these security accident aspects has is big of advantage. Improved mainly rely on power system security issues management system (BM, s) escalating real-time monitor battery status, effective balance between maintaining batteries.

3. Price/performance

Price/performance is the level of achieving full application of one of the key issuesof power lithium-ion batteries. Battery of the future will require not only farther than the higher energy, mileage, but also costs and consumer prices are lower than fossil fuels.