Lithium Battery Protection Board with Balanced Charging Technology

With the global non-renewable energy shortage and the increasing problems of environmental pollution, the use of rechargeable lithium-ion (Li-Ion) and lithium-polymer battery pack powered electric bicycle as a tool for people’s mobility in urban and rural areas are being widely used.

High voltage, small size, light weight, high specific energy, no memory effect, non-polluting, long cycle life of lithium battery packs used in electric bicycles make them lighter. The power problem of battery pack assemblelithium battery is hard to overcome in practice, that is, because lithium battery power has a problem on security result from its inherent defect on process technique, the voltage requirements in the course of use must be extremely strict, especially when either cell is approaching an over voltage or under voltage state, there are strict requirements in both the minimum and maximum levels, otherwise it will cause permanent damage to the battery and hidden dangers of safety.

The entire system is divided into two modules, the first module used single-cell lithium ion S8261protect chip to design10string electric bicycle lithium ion polymer battery protection board.The second module is the adoption of TI’s BQ27200to real-time monitoring battery voltage, current, charge and discharge conditions and the remaining parameters such as power consumption. Simulation and experimental results show that, a balanced protection and it’s testing of lithium batteries is technically feasible. In the concrete operation implementation needs to rely on perfect protection and monitoring chip and the view of the multisection lithium battery equalization charging and discharging circuit design.