Great Children’s Toy–Lithium Ride-on Toy Car

Electric Toy Car, a novel children’s toy, children can drive by themselves. These cars can also promote interaction between parents and children. A toy car is driven by a motor, and operated a safe simulation toy electric car. This novel stroller toy not only allows children to have fun happily, but also exercises children’s hands-on ability. At the same time, in the process of playing, it requires the cooperation of parents and children to form parent-child interaction and increase each other’s emotions.
Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Land Rover, Porsche, Maserati… As long as you can think of luxury cars, you can find their shadows in the electric strollers sold on the market. It can be said that they are Mini electric luxury cars.Driving this kind of children’s electric car around the bend, your baby is definitely the most popular boy on the street.……

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No matter what age you are, cars are exciting for everyone. Even children who have not driven for many years like cars, which is why riding an electric car has become so popular. At this time, you must want to know how long your baby’s car can last because you want your baby a longer happy ridin time.

How Long Your Lithium Battery in Toy Car Will Last?

Maximum runtime on a single battery charge depends on the battery capacity and fan speed.

We can make an easy calculation on “how long a lithium battery last”:

Machine Power: 60W

Output Voltage: 12V

Output Current:5A

Machine Efficiency:80%

Lithium Battery Capacity: 50Ah

Your 60 watt fan will draw about 5 amps at 12 volts (5 times 12 is 60). Assuming 80% efficiency from the inverter means that the inverter will draw 5/. 8, or 6. 25amps.  A 50Ah battery will last 50/6. 25 or 8 hours.

There is another blog which especially tell us HOW TO CALCULATE LITHIUM BATTEYR RUNTIME

Here is a simple specification of an online hot toy car. Let’s make a simple calculation:

Motor Power: 30W

Lithium Battery Voltage: 12V

Lithium Battery Capacity: 4.5Ah

P=U*I→I=P/U=30W/12V= 2.5A(We omit machine efficiency here, we regard the efficiency as 100%)

C(capacity)=I*t→lasting time=C/I=4. 5Ah/2. 5A=1.8  hour

According to our calculation, we can know that this kind of toy car can continuous working for an hour in an ideal condition.

Riding toys have surpassed the previous electric wheel toys. In fact, they are cheaper and provide trendy parents with more options.However, there are so many styles of children’s electric cars, how do parents choose?

How to Choose Children Electric Toy Cars?

SPEED: The speed of the electric stroller should not be too fast (3-5KM/H is preferred) to avoid accidents when children are riding.

SEAT BELTS: If your baby is still young, you should choose a vehicle with a seat belt.

PLASTIC MATERIAL: Pay attention to whether the material of the plastic is environmentally friendly and whether the thickness of the plastic is strong enough to avoid cracking and hurting the baby.

BRAKE DEVICE: Mechanical and electric riding toys with free wheels need to have a brake setting; for riding with a mass greater than or equal to 30KG, there should be a brake locking device.;

FUNCTION: Note that the various switches of the children’s electric stroller should be able to control the corresponding functions and have clear instructions; it is recommended to choose the simple function, the more the function, the more points of failure.;

CERTIFICATION MARK: Many baby carriages are affixed with ASTM (United States) or CE (Europe) certification, but for domestic sales, they must also pass the national compulsory certification and be affixed with the CCC mark before they are allowed to be sold on the market, so pay attention to the certification mark when purchasing, so that the safety of the material can be guaranteed.;

STABILITY: No rollover will occur when driving on a 15-degree slope;

BATTERY PERFORMANCE: The big difference between a good electric vehicle and a poor electric vehicle is also the power storage capacity and durability of the battery. This is the same as an adult electric vehicle.

PORTABILITY: Most people now live in high-rise buildings and do not have a separate courtyard. If the car is too big, it is a very troublesome thing to carry. For example, when going out to play, the trunk of the car cannot be put away. Due to its large size and heavy weight, it is not easy to carry it to the garden downstairs, etc., This will reduce the use rate of electric strollers.

DON’T JUST CARE ABOUT APPERANCE: Consider the rationality of the design structure (such as whether the wheels are easy to fall off, whether there is a safe special charging hole, etc.), and the comfort of the baby (the distance and height of the seat), and try to use it with your baby as much as possible.

Batteries are core hearts of your electric toy cars. The quality of battery decides how long your kids can drive on the toy car. Thus, today, we are going to tell by different types of batteries. As we all known that, lithium battery is very very very famous nowadays. There is no doubts that electric toy car manufacturers prefer lithium battery as their energy source.

Why They Like Lithium Battery More?


The equipped battery is too heavy, which will affect the overall weight of the toy car.The battery is too heavy, which will put a burden on the baby’s mother to carry the vehicle.With the development of the times, portable computers and mobile phones have become lighter and lighter, making it more convenient for people to store and carry. Lithium batteries have a higher energy density than the more popular lead-acid batteries. The specific energy density of lithium battery batteries can reach 200Wh/kg, the volumetric energy density can reach 300wh/L, and the specific energy of lead-acid batteries is 40wh/kg. Therefore, if two batteries are allowed to provide the same energy, the volume and mass of the lithium battery will be smaller. Therefore, lithium batteries will be more popular.


Memory effect refers to the phenomenon of battery capacity decreasing due to long-term incomplete charging and discharging of the battery. This is because the battery remembers the user’s daily charge and discharge amplitude and mode. The memory effect of lead-acid batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries is more serious, while lithium batteries do not have a memory effect.


lithium-ion batteries use carbon anodes. During the charging and discharging process, the carbon anode will not generate dendrite lithium, which can avoid damage to the battery due to the short circuit of the internal dendrite lithium. After 1200 consecutive charges and discharges, the battery capacity will still not be lower than 60% of the rated value, which is much higher than other types of batteries, and it has the economy of long-term use. After the lead-acid battery is continuously charged and discharged 350 to 400 times, it cannot be used.


The operating temperature range of lithium batteries can reach -30℃-60℃. In summer, the temperature is high, and the lithium battery can work better.


Under normal circumstances, the voltage of the lithium battery is 3. 7V, which is three times that of nickel-cadmium and NMHbatteries.


Lithium batteries do not contain harmful substances such as cadmium, lead, mercury, etc. Lithium batteries are a clean “green” chemical energy source that will not cause heavy metal pollution to the environment.
Small internal resistance: Lithium batteries use electrolytes from organic systems, and their conductivity is much lower than that of electrolytes from water systems, and their internal resistance is an order of magnitude lower than that of nickel-cadmium batteries and nano-batteries.

Note: This kind of electric stroller has a high safety factor. Some brakes use mechanical brakes and some use free wheels. The design is realistic and interesting, and it is very popular with children.When the child is under 3 years old, children who don’t know how to control can be controlled by their parents using the remote control; after the child is 3 years old, they can control the accelerator pedal to drive by themselves, but they still need parents to accompany them to see safety. Electric strollers do not have brakes like adult cars, so if they are free-wheel electric strollers, be careful not to drive too fast or on the edge of the river or on ramps to avoid danger.

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