The Correct Way of using Lithium Battery

From nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, to today’s lithium-ion batteries, the structure and principle of them are essentially changed, come down before using habit and experience is out of date, we should no longer use the method of before using lithium battery. Here are some common bad habit we have then change it have no then add to encourage.

Yes, You Need to change the bad habits

In everyone’s impression, lithium battery packs is spoiled, need a good maintenance, a lot of friends is really a kind husband, hope the battery to long-term health service for us. Why often backfire? Just buy regular channel products, normal use, the battery will never live up to our expectations, not a not happy perish together “explosive” with us. In general, the battery broken or the problem of insufficient power always, mostly due to our habits of using, maintenance problems, just a little change, your life will be easier.

(1) the battery is afraid of hot and cold

Many people like to put mobile phone in the car as the sun, or thick “clothes” on the cell phone sets, these habits will damage the cell phone battery life. Lithium ion in the electrolyte and electrode slice migration rate is closely related to the temperature, temperature fluctuate will significantly affect the technical performance of lithium-ion batteries. The normal use of lithium-ion batteries – 20 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃ temperature. When the temperature drops to below – 20 ℃, the electrolyte in the battery will be solidified, the battery

Resistance will be infinity, the battery will not be able to use. When the temperature rises to more than + 55 ℃, the adverse event happens to produce a large number of gas, electrolyte electrode in resin bonding agent will deteriorate, causing the battery to aging and decline, even in the short term expires.

Also need to pay special attention to is that we work on the digital products used in the lithium battery pack 12vbattery temperature generally limited to 0 ℃ to 40 ℃, smart phones, digital cameras in the lithium battery, working temperature in 5 ℃ ~ 35 ℃, the best temperature too high or too low will make internal batteries cannot play the best condition, power will be reduced, the power supply time is not long in its usual way, might also be unable to charge low temperature condition.

(2) without depth charge and discharge

On the manual of digital products, manufacturers will indicate the cycle of the lithium battery charge and discharge times, usually hundreds of times. Many people misunderstood the meaning of it, however, think that no matter how hard the battery, as long as the plug a charger will consume a battery life, every time the electricity to charge on the dotted line. Lithium battery charging circuit, actually refers to a complete charge and discharge process, if we only use 10% more power for charging, there will be no

Any adverse effects, it will delay the service life of the battery, avoid excessive discharge affect battery life.

It is worth noting that the circulating cycle count even reach the manufacturer for a given numerical does not mean that the battery will be damaged, this number is only a means of detecting battery status, we don’t have to struggle with Numbers. Others have done experiments, the standard of charging voltage of 4.2 V to 4.1 V, cycle to the same type battery charging and discharging test, and finally the result is a battery life can be increased by 60%, in 3.9 V test, cyclic number can increase the number of times, so if you want to delay service life, the right approach should be “slow charge”, not “depth charge”.

(3) buy with correct channel

Lithium battery is not low price, meet with discount need not to need to buy a few pieces for it? This is obviously not desirable, because the first lithium battery will automatically discharge, self-discharge rate of about 2% per month, place do not use for a long time, the battery will be damaged due to discharge. If you have a lot of digital products, don’t forget to give them every few months to charge and keep 40% of the battery. Is easy to be ignored is that loss of lithium battery is a kind of self generating products, with the passage of time, the capacity of the battery will appear over time irreversible physical attenuation, starting from the day you buy it, regardless of whether or not to use it in loss, and even some products

Years to reach 10%. This also reminds us that when buying batteries must look at the manufacture date, old junk had better not be bought.

(4) don’t use strange charger

Duck egg shaped mobile phone travel charger, 10 yuan of seat charger are common, they are easy to use, charging faster than the iphone charger. But the charger not rigorous circuit design, for all types of batteries alike. According to the normal charging process, lithium battery charger with constant current charge in the first place, to be faster when converted to constant voltage, current gradually decreases, and continue for a period of time after the battery is full. And inferior charger using the constant current mode, lithium battery is full after still continue to try to recharge, if the battery in the protection

Circuit failure, Rechargeable lithium batteries could ballooning, discharge, even fire explosion. Battery safety is very important, we should choose a big brand charger, the manufacturer’s certificate authority or reputation superior products are reliable, in work or protection circuit is obviously different with the common product.