1206, 2017

Li-ion Battery Pack for Miner Lamp

Why Choose Li-ion Battery Pack for Miner Lamp Why don't we use Lead-acid battery for Miner's lamp Most of China's coal production companies have used lead-acid batteries as a miner's lamp power supply,

1006, 2017

Tesla’s Mass Production of 21700 Battery

Tesla Takes the initiative to the Mass Production of 21700 Battery Recently, Tesla Inc together with Panasonic announced a new model of li-ion battery cell--21700, , they also stressed that at present this is the

906, 2017

Cylindrical Batteries More Suitable For Electric Vehicles

Cylindrical  Batteries More Suitable For Electric Vehicles? In January 2017, Tesla, the world's leading brand of electric vehicles, claimed that the company's Gigafactory, begins to produce lithium-ion batteries. It is a cylindrical "2170 lithium battery"

506, 2017

When Will Next Battery Breakthrough Come?

When Will Next Battery breakthrough Come? No matter how many generations of smartphone launch, we always face an old problem: Why the battery life is still so limited. No matter how many optimizations are made

506, 2017

Tesla: 20700 to Replace 18650 battery?

Tesla: 20700 to replace 18650 battery? Tesla , Inc. Plans to use 20700 high-performance lithium cobalt-acid batteries to replace the Panasonic 18650 battery cells , which is now widely used on Tesla cars to improve

506, 2017

4050mAh 18650 Battery Cell Invented in China

4050mAh 18650 Battery Cell Invented in China The cylinder 18650 Battery Cell refers to the appearance of the battery size: 18 mm diameter, 65 mm. These cylindrical lithium-ion batteries are widely used in laptops, electrical

Lithium Battery Technology News and Industrial Updates

This is a collection of battery news and updates both from DNK company and the internet or news paper.if you want custom your battery pack, let's start.
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