1911, 2020

shipping lithium batteries safely

Shipping Lithium Batteries Safely Lithium-ion batteries have a higher energy density, especially the battery module, in the event of an accident, conventional means can not effectively control the rapid spread of heat or prevent

1911, 2020

How to Recycle Lithium Batteries in 3 Steps

How to Recycle Lithium Batteries in 3 Steps As lithium-ion battery technology matures, it is widely used in various industries, resulting in a rapid increase in production and sales. However, since lithium-ion batteries generally

2610, 2020

Lithium ion Battery Storage

Complete Guide for Lithium ion Battery Storage Lithium-ion battery are fire hazards, so How should we store the lithium batteries ? In general, Lithium ion batteries (Li-ion) should not be stored for longer periods

2610, 2020

Battery IEC 62133

Complete Guide for Lithium Battery IEC 62133  Since its first publication in 2002, the IEC 62133 series of standards has enabled international harmonization of safety testing of small cells and batteries. Since then, the

2610, 2020

What is UN 38.3

A Complete Guide of UN 38.3 Batteries are dangerous in use and transport, according to the relevant provisions of the IATA Dangerous Goods Code, the rechargeable lithium batteries have been developed as a code

2610, 2020


UN 38.3 VS MSDS What is the difference between the un38.3 test report and MSDS? Un 38.3 reports and MSDS are required regardless of whether lithium batteries are shipped by sea or by air.

Lithium Battery Technology News and Industrial Updates

This is a collection of battery news and updates both from DNK company and the internet or news paper.if you want custom your battery pack, let's start.
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