2008, 2022

Lithium ion battery State of Charge

What is Lithium Battery SOC?--All Things You Need to Know When we talk about lithium batteries, one thing can not be omitted---Lithium Battery SOC. We usually judge a good lithium

2307, 2022

Why are There Three Charging Stages in Lithium Battery?

Why are There Three Charging Stages in Lithium Battery?Lithium-ion batteries are the most common choice for cash portable electronic products. Compared with other types of batteries, lithium-ion batteries are light in weight and have no

2007, 2022

All Things You Need To Know about Ternary Lithium Battery

Ternary Lithium Battery There are many kinds of lithium ion battery just like ternary lithium battery, LiFePO4 battery and Titanium lithium battery and etc. At home and abroad, most of small high-power batteries use ternary

1907, 2022

How to Estimate Life Span of Your Lithium Battery

Estimate your Lithium Battery Life Span   Compared with other kinds of chemical batteries, lithium ion cell has longer life. Of course, it still has limited calender life and cycle life. In other words, lithium

1807, 2022

lithium battery:4680 vs 18650

Pros and cons of 4680 battery vs 18650 battery Different performance between 4680 battery vs 18650 Size In terms of size, 4680 battery vs 18650, 4680 battery has a (46mm x 80mm) dimension while

Lithium Battery Technology News and Industrial Updates

This is a collection of battery news and updates both from DNK company and the internet or news paper.if you want custom your battery pack, let's start.
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