Best Outdoor Choice In Summer– Lithium Portable Fans

Hello friends, with the rapid progress of science and technology, air-conditioning fans and other products are constantly being updated to create a refreshing space for people in the hot summer. However, although these products have a good cooling and heat-relieving effect, they can only be used in public places such as homes and offices, which is a bit inconvenient to use. On the contrary, handheld electric small fans have many advantages. They are small in size, easy to carry, low in noise, do not interfere with others, and can be used anytime, anywhere. Today, I will talk to you all things about handheld fans, especially lithium portable fans. Here below is the content of this article which can help you find what you want.

Advantages of Portable Fans


Compared with traditional electric fans, the advantages of handheld electric fans are very obvious. The outstanding ones are their small size and easy to move. Now on the market, most of these products weigh less than 200 grams, which is basically the same as a mobile phone. Taking the newly launched handheld electric fan from Green Union as an example, the fan itself weighs only 143. 5 grams, while an iPhone X weighs 174 grams, so it is very suitable for storage and carrying with you.


The first is energy saving. The power of a hand-held small electric fan is usually small, and the wind makes it feel very comfortable. This is closely related to the internal structure of the small fan. At the same time, this kind of low-power fan consumes less energy, which saves a lot of energy compared with the use of air conditioners. When studying in daily work, a small fan around you can make people feel cooler. It is a very classic energy-saving and environmentally friendly product, and an essential heat-reducing artifact in summer.


The second is health. I believe everyone knows that frequent use of air conditioners is very bad for the body, and there is a great risk of suffering from “air conditioning disease”. In the process of using air conditioners, the air in the confined environment does not circulate, and people are prone to dizziness and discomfort, which means that they are suffering from “air-conditioning disease. ”These problems can be avoided by using a small handheld fan. When using a small fan, you can keep the air flowing and breathe fresh air in time, so that the human body can be properly relaxed, so it is a very healthy way to cool down and relieve heat. On the other hand, the small fan has seven blades that work very close to the natural wind, making people blow healthier.


The third is that it is easy to carry, and you can blow wherever you go. It is a true portrayal of the portability characteristics of a handheld electric small fan. In the scorching summer, we need such a small portable fan, which can be used anytime, anywhere to cool down and dispel heat. Portable small fans have a variety of gears with different wind speeds, and friends can adjust the wind speed according to their needs. When using high winds, there is no noise and the whole process is silent. The small fan looks very small, but it has a strong working ability, a built-in large-capacity battery, long-lasting working time, and no pressure to use. Handheld use and desktop use can be satisfied, and can be enjoyed from multiple angles.


The handheld mobile rechargeable fan fan uses a brush-less motor, the voltage can be boosted from 6V to 12V, the motor speed is fast, the wind is twice that of the usual fan, the speed is fast, and the life is long (the first gear can be used for 4h, the second gear can be used for 3h, and the third gear can be used for 2h. It is equipped with 1800mAh battery, and the third gear is a large wind.

How Long Will a Fans Run on a Battery?

Maximum runtime on a single battery charge depends on the battery capacity and fan speed. We can make an easy calculation on “how long a lithium battery last”:

Machine Power: 60W
Output Voltage: 12V
Output Current:5A
Machine Efficiency:80%
Lithium Battery Capacity: 50Ah

Your 60 watt fan will draw about 5 amps at 12 volts (5 times 12 is 60). Assuming 80% efficiency from the inverter means that the inverter will draw 5/. 8, or 6. 25amps.  A 50Ah battery will last 50/6. 25 or 8 hours.

There is another blog which especially tell us HOW TO CALCULATE LITHIUM BATTEYR RUNTIME

Here is a simple specification of an online hot handheld fan. Let’s make a simple calculation:

Power: 2. 5W
Voltage: 5V
Battery Capacity:500mAh
P=U*I→I=P/U=2. 5W/5V=0. 5A(We omit machine efficiency here, we regard the efficiency as 100%)
500mAh=0. 5Ah
C(capacity)=I*t→lasting time=C/I=0. 5Ah/0. 5A=1 hour

According to our calculation, we can know that this kind of handheld fan can continuous working for an hour in an ideal condition.

Why Choose Lithium Battery as Power Source for Fans?

There are many common types of batteries (a battery is a device that directly converts chemical energy into electrical energy. It is a battery designed according to rechargeable and recharges through reversible chemical reactions), such as lithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, NMH(nickel-metal hydride) batteries, and NMH batteries. There are so many kinds of batteries. Why do you say that lithium batteries are the best choice?

  1. LIGHT WEIGHT:  For handheld electric fans, it is natural to ensure a certain working time, the lighter the better. The equipped battery is too heavy, which will affect the weight of the overall fan and put a burden on the person holding the fan. For example, with the development of the times, portable computers and mobile phones have become lighter and lighter, making it more convenient for people to store and carry. Lithium batteries have a higher energy density than the more popular lead-acid batteries. The specific energy density of lithium battery batteries can reach 200Wh/kg, and the volumetric energy density can reach 300Wh/L. The specific energy of the lead-acid battery is 40Wh/kg. Therefore, if the two batteries are allowed to provide the same energy, the volume and mass of the lithium battery will be smaller. Therefore, lithium batteries will be more popular.
  2. NO MEMORY EFFECT:  The memory effect refers to the phenomenon that the battery capacity decreases due to long-term incomplete charging and discharging of the battery. This is due to the fact that the battery remembers the user’s daily charging and discharging amplitude and mode. The memory effect of lead-acid batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries is more serious, while lithium batteries do not have a memory effect.
  3. LONG SERVICE LIFE:  Lithium-ion batteries use a carbon anode. During the charging and discharging process, the carbon anode will not generate dendrite lithium, which can avoid damage to the battery due to a short circuit of internal dendrite lithium. After 1200 consecutive charges and discharges, the battery capacity will still not be lower than 60% of the rated value, which is much higher than other types of batteries, and it has the economy of long-term use. After the lead-acid battery is continuously charged and discharged 350 to 400 times, it cannot be used. Due to the small battery capacity of the handheld electric fan, a complete charge and discharge cycle can be completed in a short time. If a lead-acid battery is selected as the energy source of the handheld electric fan, the service life of the fan is up to 1. 5 summers.
  4. WIDE OPERATING TEMPERATURE RANGE: The operating temperature range of lithium batteries can reach -30℃-60℃. In summer, the temperature is high, and the lithium battery can work better.
  5. HIGH VOLTAGE: Under normal circumstances, the voltage of lithium batteries is 3. 7V, which is three times that of nickel-cadmium and NMHbatteries.
  6. NO HEAVY METAL POLLUTION: Lithium batteries do not contain harmful substances such as cadmium, lead, and mercury. Lithium batteries are a clean ”green” chemical energy source that will not cause heavy metal pollution to the environment.
  7. SMALL INTERNAL RESISTANCE:Lithium batteries use electrolytes from organic systems, and their conductivity is much lower than that of electrolytes from water systems, and their internal impedance is an order of magnitude lower than that of nickel-cadmium batteries and NMHbatteries.

How does a Battery Powered Fans Work?

They come equipped with a battery pack that can store energy when charged. This stored energy is then used to run the fan blades at times when there is no electricity. If you buy a good quality rechargeable fan with efficient batteries, it can run for hours without electricity.

Battery-powered fans are powered by high-capacity lithium batteries also used for powering a broad range of cordless tools and utilities.

As such, battery-powered fans feature a long runtime on a single battery charge, even when used at full power. Also, they are designed to allow the user to swap the batteries quickly, while some models are built as hybrid (AC and DC power supported) fans.

Are Rechargeable Fans Worth It?

YES YES YES. The lithium handheld fan has intelligent control and three-speed adjustment. It can adjust the wind speed and the lithium battery of the rechargeable fan according to its own needs. It is versatile, rechargeable, low cost of use, simple and generous appearance, strong structure, small size, light weight, convenient for student travel and outdoor sports, and more unique designs have brought more comfort to more consumers.