Product Specifications

At DNK Power, we provide services for all kinds of lithium ion battery packs for all your industrial businesses and equipment applications,Our intensive and rigid material selection, production, and QC testing ensures that all of the lithium ion battery pack are assembled to meet or exceed customer expectations.

Since any digital equipment are the sole of any tech companies,a high and steady performance of lithium battery packs are essential to ensure all work properly. Even a small failure would end in disaster, No companies can suffer any explosion or other unhappy stories. For us, Our rich experiences in cooperation with some of the best industrial equipment brands helps us to serve better also for you.

Our Battery Packs

For over a decade, DNK Power has been specialized in all kinds of rechargeable Lithium ion battery cells and Battery packs, including 18650 battery pack,lipo battery pack, lifepo4 battery pack and custom battery packs.

For buyers in industrial field, you will find that we have a large selection of different battery modules which you can use for your applications. Popular battery packs including Nimh battery packs, Li-ion / polymer battery packs, high temperature polymer battery cell and LiFePO4 battery packs. We focus on lithium ion technologies and keep safe as our top concern. If you cannot find a battery pack you need, we can build custom battery pack for you.

Thank you for visiting our battery pack website. We have great products at very low and reasonable prices, plus, we have a great team waiting for to custom your battery projects. To get more about our custom battery packs, just Contact Us.