Advantages and Disadvantages of 21700 Battery

The year of 2017 has seen a lightning-fast development of 21700 cells. At the investors meeting earlier this year, Tesla announced a new 21700 battery, developed together with Panasonic, is going to start a mass production.

Later during the 2017 North American International Auto Show, Samsung SDI also announced the news of introducing the new battery of 21700. Samsung SDI said the power density of the new battery is twice capacity with its counterpart of the same volume and the new battery can charge up to 370 miles (600 km) of battery capacity within 20 minutes.

So far, Samsung SDI does not yet announce any news of mass production on 21700.

So what’s the battery Advantage of 21700

1 Battery Density will increase

According to Tesla, Power density of 21700 goes up to 300 Wh/kg, which is about 20% more than current 8650 batteries that rates at 250Wh/kg. so apparently 21700 battery power density is better than 18650 batteries, as it can increase by 20% or more Compared with 18650.

2 Battery Pack Price Decrease By 9%

Tesla further reveals the price of the 21700 lithium battery pack(with BMS) is expected to be sold for 155 USD/kWh, while 18650 size battery pack about US $185/kwh, that’s why you can notice a drop in prices by 9%.

3 More Miles to Go

Samsung said that after it was switched to the new 21700 batteries, the battery pack could reduce about
10% of its weight compared to the current 18650 battery design. By reducing EV battery weight, and the vehicle’s energy density would be also improved, from this point of view, the EV car can go miles more.

The Shortcomings of 21700 battery
The biggest problem for 21700 is: Can the downstream market accept such a size change?

What type of battery cells do Battery manufacturers produce will be subject to a variety of factors. At present, the EV industry utilizes a strategy called “positive research and development”, requiring the design of the functional structure, which also determines the use of the boot to reverse the battery models and specifications, so the battery model is mainly to see whether the replacement of the downstream market.

Battery experts believe that Tesla’s approach is not necessarily suitable for all battery business, the battery size should not change the main application of the downstream terminal as apparently there is no market demand. The current world 18650 there is a lot of market space and the scope of application, so the large size of the cylindrical battery to 21700 also

But it takes a long time.

18650 cells have wide application usages like electric vehicles, 3C, UAV, power tools, and other areas,

but for the 21700, there is no respective industry chain to use these batteries, which will undoubtedly increase the cost.