4050mAh 18650 Battery Cell Invented in China

The cylinder 18650 Battery Cell refers to the appearance of the battery size: 18 mm diameter, 65 mm. These cylindrical lithium-ion batteries are widely used in laptops, electrical tools, medical equipment and mobile power plants, and other fields. Not only this, 18650 lithium-ion battery Cells are also widely used on electric vehicles. In the US, Tesla is reported to be a pure lithium battery powered electric car using cylindrical Japanese 18650, its material is nickel cobalt aluminum. Domestically,  electric vehicles (also known as high-speed electric vehicles) also uses a large number of 18650  lithium battery pack as a power source.

At present,  China, Japan, and South Korea have the mass manufacturing capacity of cylindrical 18650 from 2000 mah, 2200 mah to 2600 mah capacity. but for capacity more than the 3000mah, The technology of Japan and South Korea is ahead of China. For lithium ion technology, the more a battery cell power density, the greater complexity of manufacturing will be, But we are willing to take the challenge.panasonic 18650 3100mah battery cell 2-opt

In recent years, due to national new industrial policy energy, a large number of capitals has flushed into the area of lithium battery production, only last year, enterprises in China lithium R & D batteries and the production of investment funds amounted to over 150 billion RMB.After the litiya of China, the batteries and lithium batteries of the materials, many research units and production enterprises working tirelessly, lithium batteries and the technology package have achieved rapid success.

According to China, the “13th Five-year Plan” for the deployment by 2020, the power of the battery, compared to 300 w/kg.

The kit for Dr. Chang Fjuren led the research group, started the monomer 4050mah 18650 Battery research work, after several tests, final success research and development it is clear that monomer 4050 mah 18650 batteries through the use of new materials and new technology, monomer 18650 batteries than the specific energy of 306 w/kg, whereas the current regular block of 18650 batteries on 255 w * H/kg In comparison, energy increases by 50 wh/kg, so that the time of each period can be increased by 40 per cent.

It is worth noting that this capacity of the lithium batteries used in electric bicycles, with lightweight, the battery is smaller, the mileage is more advantageous, will be able to fully demonstrate the weight of the lithium bike.

Monomer 4050 mah 18650 battery research and development success, so that Ultra Granville is ahead of the country in order to accomplish the planned task and it has become possible at home and abroad, highly “subversive” technological revolutions. At present the “Super Granville” is a product of a national patent for the invention and low of the trial, it is planned to complete the pipeline next year.