Rechargeable 12V 10Ah Lithium ion Battery

DNK Power is a custom Rechargeable 12v lithium-ion battery manufacturer based in China,We have In stock small and compact 12v lithium battery pack, capacity from 3000mah, 5000mah, 6000mah, 10000mah,20000mah, with PVC or Plastic casing, they are widely used for CCTV

12V 30000mAh litium battery pack

Cameras, LED lights, Mobile Phone Spammer, Solar Power system, Electric Garden Sprayer, Electric Lawn Sprayers, Handheld Electric Airless Sprayer, and mechanical cotton picker .

We use the latest lithium battery technologies to make the 12v rechargeable battery just ensure that you can get the highest quality and less or even no customer returns, we work with you to do the label, shrink wrap, custom terminates or encloses in plastic.

We focus on the best and cheap small design 12v DC battery pack products that are the most cost-effective, environmentally safe and exceed all of their specifications, we will never let you down, you can check more of our certificates including MSDS UN 38.3, IEC, KC, etc.

Rechargeable 12V 10Ah Rechargeable Lithium Battery

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    • Model: DNK-LTB3S3P-C186H
    • Specification: 12V 10050mAh

    • Charging Volt: 12.6V

    • Discharging Current: 0.5C/1C

    • Dimension: 68*40*60mm

    • Cell Brand: BAK 3350mAh

    14.8V 10Ah lithium battery for power tools

    • Model: DNK-LTB3S5P-C186L

    • Specification: 12V 10000mAh

    • Charging Volt: 12.6V

    • Discharging Current: 0.5C/1C

    • Dimension: 68*100*60mm

    • Cell Brand: FST 2000mAh

    11.1V 4400mah Lipo battery

    • Model: DNK-LTB3S4P-C186M

    • Specification: 12V 10000mAh

    • Charging Volt: 12.6V

    • Discharging Current: 0.5C/1C

    • Dimension: 68*80*60mm

    • Cell Brand: FST 2500mAh

    11.1V 4400mah Lipo battery

    • Model: DNK-LTB3S2P-C266M

    • Specification: 12V 11000mAh

    • Charging Volt: 12.6V

    • Discharging Current: 0.5C/1C

    • Dimension: 68*60*40mm

    • Cell Brand:  26650 5500mAh

    11.1V 3Ah lipo battery pack

    • Model: DNK-LPB3S1P-20

    • Specification: 12V 10000mAh

    • Charging Volt: 12.6V

    • Discharging Current: 0.5C/1C

    • Dimension: 140*70*20mm

    • Cell Brand: DNK Lipo cell

    12V 7AH LiFePO4 battery

    • Model: DNK-LTB3S3PPT-C186H

    • Specification: 12V 10000mAh

    • Charging Volt: 12.6V

    • Discharging Current: 0.5C/1C

    • Dimension: 130*100*80mm

    • Cell Brand: 18650

    12V 10Ah 18650 Battery Pack

    • Model: DNK-CT1220A

    • Specification: 12V 2000mAh/2500mAh/ 3500mAh

    • Dimension: 68*60*20mm

    • Cell Brand: SAMSUNG/LG/SANYO/FST/

    • Model: DNK-CT1220B

    • Specification: 12V 2000mAh/2500mAh/ 3500mAh

    • Dimension: 68*35*35mm

    • Cell Brand: SAMSUNG/LG/SANYO/FST/

    3s2p 12v 6000mah lithium battery

    • Model: DNK-CT1240-2P

    • Specification: 12V 4000mAh/5200mAh/ 7000mAh

    • Dimension: 68*60*40mm

    • Cell Brand: SAMSUNG/LG/SANYO/FST/

    3S2P 12V 5200mAh battery pack

    • Model: DNK-CT124o-2PL

    • Specification: 12V 4400mAh/5600mAh/ 7000mAh

    • Dimension: H68*D60mm

    • Cell Brand: SAMSUNG/LG/SANYO/FST/

    3S4P 12V battery

    • Model: DNK-CT1240-4P

    • Specification: 12V 8000mAh/12000mAh

    • Dimension: 100*68*40mm

    • Cell Brand: SAMSUNG/LG/SANYO/FST/

    12V 30000mAh battery pack

    • Model: DNK-CT12500L

    • Specification: 12V 30000/50000mAh

    • Dimension:200*150*75mm

    • Cell Brand: ATL/LG/DNK

    12V 5000mAh battery with LED readout

    • Model: DNK-CT1230LP

    • Specification: 12V 3000/5000mAh

    • Dimension:120*60*40mm

    • Cell Brand: ATL/LG/SAMSUNG/DNK

    12V 8000mAh 18650 battery pack

    • Model: DNK-CT12800

    • Specification: 12V 8000/12000mAh

    • Dimension: H135*D45mm

    • Cell Brand: SAMSUNG/LG/FST

    12V 20Ah lithium battery pack

    • Model: DNK-CT12350B

    • Specification: 12V 26000mAh/30000mAh/ 35000mAh

    • Dimension: 70*40*270mm

    • Cell Brand: SAMSUNG/LG/FST/

    12V 21700 10AhLithium ion Battery

    12V 30000mAh litium battery pack

    • Model: DNK-CT124A

    • Specification: 12V 4000mAh/4500mAh/ 5000mAh

    • Dimension: 75*66*22mm

    • Cell Brand: SAMSUNG/LG/SANYO/FST/

    3.7V 8500mAh lipo battery pack with PCM

    • Model: DNK-CT1210LP

    • Specification: 12V 1000mAh/1200mAh/ 1500mAh

    • Dimension: 80*35*12mm

    • Cell Brand: DNK

    12V 15Ah battery pack

    • Model: DNK-CT121500B

    • Specification: 12V 12000mAh/ 13500mAh/15000mAh

    • Dimension: 100*75*44mm

    • Cell Brand: SAMSUNG/LG/FST

    3.7V 4000mAh battery pack

    • Model: DNK-CT122LP

    • Specification: 12V 2000mAh/ 2200mAh/2500mAh

    • Dimension: 100*40*20mm

    • Cell Brand: ATL/DNK

    7.4V 5Ah lithium battery

    • Model: DNK-CT1260B

    • Specification: 12V 8000mAh/9000mAh/ 10000mAh

    • Dimension: H75*D56mm

    • Cell Brand: SAMSUNG/LG/FST/

    12V 20Ah lithium battery pack

    • Model: DNK-CT12350B

    • Specification: 12V 40000mAh/45000mAh/ 50000mAh

    • Dimension: 75*66*220mm

    • Cell Brand: SAMSUNG/LG/FST/

    Applications of 12V Rechargeable Battery Pack


    Lithium Ion Battery Pack Design

    At DNK Power, we provide design services from early design for our customers, we work hand in hand with you, just put your idea to test the market and the final mass production. We will provide Industrial design suggestions, battery type selection to architecture guidance, simply to save your time and money.

    Our main products will be 3.7v 7.4v 12v 24v 36v lithium-ion battery packs. If you need we can also provide chargers for you. Just Save your time.

    battery pack assemble

    Our battery R&D Team was lead directly under our boss who is an engineer in li-ion battery pack for more than 15 years. His full experiences in manufacturing and design will help you get a most favorable pack.

    Remember we are lithium battery pack manufacturer for more than 10 years. Yes, we mean it.

    Simply Take a look at our forms regarding your custom battery packs for more information.

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    In Stock 12V Battery Packs

    Since the 12V Rechargeable lithium ion battery pack is popular in many field of application. DNK have already designed many types of battery packs for your selection. they are specially designed for powering the system device which use 12V DC power supply.

    12v rechargeable battery

    • Fit for Wireless Transmitter,CCTV camera, LED lights,Mobile Phone Spammer,Solar Power system,Emergency power system, Electric Garden Sprayer,Electric Lawn Sprayers,Handheld Electric Airless Sprayer, Electric Garden Tiller Cultivator and Mechanical Cotton Picker,ECG Monitoring Device
    • Battery Power On/Off switch and Remaining Power  indicator
    • 12V 2000mAh, 3000mAh, 5000mAh, 8000mAh, 10000mAh and 12000mAh, 20000mAh,30000mAh some would also call them 12V 5Ah,12V 10Ah, 12V 12Ah. 12V 30Ah, 12V 40Ah
    • In stock Battery packs for your selection
    • PVC Casing, Plastic Casing, Metal Casing available
    • Custom Design available

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