12.8V 24Ah Lithium-ion Battery Pack

12.8V 24Ah Lithium-ion Battery Pack
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Since the 12V Rechargeable lithium ion battery pack is popular in many field of application. DNK have already designed many types of battery packs for your selection. they are specially designed for powering the system device which use 12V DC power supply.

This 12.8V 24Ah lithium-ion battery pack is very suitable for your E-vehicles. The following is the detailed description.

-Product Introduction-

LiFePO4 Pack
Item Specification Remark
Rated Capacity 24AH -
Rated Voltage DC12.8 -
Rated Energy 307.2wh -
Nominal Voltage 12.8V customized
Operating Voltage 10V~14.6V 2.5V~3.65V
Max. Charge Current 12A 0.5C
Max. Discharge Current 24A 1C
Peak Current 70A -
Ip Grade IP54 -
Discharge Temp -10℃~55℃ -
Charge Temp 0℃~55℃ -
Dimension L181*W77*H170(mm) customized
Weight 2.6Kg -
Internal Resistance ≤60mΩ -
Cycle Life 5000 25℃
Case Material ABS -
Communication Protocol RS485 customized
12.8V 24Ah Lithium-ion Battery Pack (1)
12.8V 24Ah Lithium-ion Battery Pack (4)
12.8V 24Ah Lithium-ion Battery Pack

-Interface Command-

Item Specification Interface Refer
POSITIVE M5 copper pillar Red Image
NEGATIVE M5 copper pillar Blue Image


outline dimension of 12.8V 24Ah lithium battery pack


application of 12.8V 24Ah lithium ion battery pack

-Battery Management System-

Item Min. Max. Type Unit
Operating Voltage 10 14.6 / V
Continuous Charging Current 1 12 / A
Continuous Discharging Current 1 24 / A
Discharging Over Current 65 75 / A
Operating Temp -10 70 /
Operating Humidit 10 85 / %
Internal Resistance <10
Normal Operating Consumption <30 mA
Static Total Consumption - 100 50 uA

-Characteristic Curve-

12.8v24Ah battery Pack characteristics curve


(1)Do not immerse the battery in water, and keep the battery in a cool dry surrounding if it stands by.
(2)Do not use or leave the battery at high temperature as fire or heater. Otherwise, it can overheat or fire or its performance will be degenerate and its service life will be decreased.
(3)Do not reverse the position and negative terminals.
(4)Do not connect the battery electrodes to an electrical outlet.
(5)Do not short circuit. Otherwise it will cause serious damage of the battery.
(6)Do not transport or store the battery together with metal objects such as hairpins, necklaces, etc.
(7)Do not use the battery in a location where static electricity and magnetic field is great, otherwise, the safety devices may be damaged, causing hidden trouble of safety.Turn off the switch on its base.
(8)Please use special lithium charger.
(9)It should be noted that the cell would be possible to be at a over-discharged state by its self-discharge characteristics in case the cell is not used for long time. In order to prevent over-discharging, the cell shall be charged periodically to maintain about 13.6V(Recommended 3 months one cycle).Over-discharging may causes loss of cell performance, characteristics, or battery functions.
(10)Do not disassemble battery.